How was your Christmas if you guys celebrated the holiday? Tell me what you guys got <3 Any merches? Hope you guys like the chapters. I sort of started writing emotionally 👀 ~Sam


Katie Grier's pov:

5 fresh cuts on my wrist. I've never done this before and that only seemed to be the only thing I could do. The first cut was for everyone that didn't want me to be here. The second one was for being called worthless. Third one was for being a mistake. Fourth one was for Matt and how he hurt me even more. The last one was for Nash, because he would never love me for the person I am. I had cut deeper for him. I sob as I see the blood trickling down my wrist and making a pool then eventually falling to the hard cold floor. I look at them wishing this could not have happened to me.

I am worthless, I'm a nobody and I don't deserve to be here. I'm just some disappointed offspring that was a mistake. I'm broken and no one will ever fix me. Kian could not fix me. I can tweet on the secret account, because Kian will see it. I can't bear to have anyone near me right now. I just want to be alone. That's how I felt anyway. I need to get out of here. I can't go to Magcon Nashville for my birthday. I don't want to be near people I know.

I would have been soooo so much happier if you weren't born. Its hard enough for me to tell people I'm related to you. I'm not even proud to be your twin. Just leave this world Katie. That'd be a perfect gift.

Your brother, Nash

The note Nash wrote to me keeps echoing in my head. What makes it worse is that it is in his voice and I can here him saying it over and over. I'm a complete mess from everything. I slowly reach over for a towel and clean the floor off. I slowly stand up taking a wash cloth wetting it and dabbing the cuts I have. I whimper in pain as it has made contact with my skin.

I open up the cabinet and open up the medical kit to get the gauze and wrap my wrist. After I finish, I look at myself in the mirror. I've never seen myself like this before. I can't see the happy little girl I used to be. She is gone. I take all the towels and washcloths and threw them in the wash. I make my way into the bedroom and go onto my phone. There was only one one person who can help me get a ticket to Cali tonight. I click on my brothers contact and wait for him to pick up.

"Hey Katie!"

"H-hey Will," I spoke softly.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

"N-not really. I really need your help."

"Did something happen between you and Matt?" He starts to sound upset.

"There's more than just Matt," I sniffle.

"Okay. I'll be over in an hour. I'm with mom and dad right now."

"Okay. Please don't tell them. Please?" I hear a sigh on the other end.


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