Christmas Eve with Killers~ Chapter 20

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(If you guys don't get the Christmas sweater it's just a picture I thought was funny
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Your P.O.V.

"H-How did you-" I started to say but was cut off when his lips crashed onto mine. we separated after a little and I looked down at (D/N) that he had gotten me.

( d/n = dog name as in stuffed animal name. )

"I-I went back to your
h-house and got it for you... D-do you like it?" He said, nervously twitching.

"Y-Yes! This is my favorite stuffed animal!" I replied. I kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you..." I said before we both walked into the mansion, hand in hand.


Once me and (Y/N) got inside we noticed Jeff putting up a Christmas tree with decorations and all.

"You guys celebrate Christmas?" (Y/N) said.

"Every year, and every year, I put up the tree." said Jeff.

"Well thank you," (Y/N) said "Do you need any help?"

"I don't need help to set up a Christmas tree!" Jeff said pouting, until the tree collapsed on him.

(Y/N) ran over there and got the tree off Jeff and set it up. Jeff sat up, holding his head... "UGHHH again?! That tree falls on me EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!"

(Y/N) giggles, and continues helping Jeff with the tree as I go and sit on the couch.

"Have you gotten an answer yet? From (Y/N) about the Creepypasta thing? It has been almost a year! I'm surprised Slender has still let her stay!" Eyeless Jack asks.

"N-No I haven't gotten an answer... but I hope she m-makes the right c-choice." I say in reply.

"Why are you nervous?"

"How d-did you know?" I say.

"When you are nervous you... you know..." E.J. says as I nod, cracking my neck. I was nervous she would make the choice to leave. I loved her and I really think she loves me back

"She's a helper too." E.J. says, "Yeah..." I reply.

"Has she met Jane and Sally?" Jack says

"I think so, Slendy went introducing everyone to her. I don't think he got everyone though... there's the Slender brothers and there is..."

"What about Clockwork?" E.J. says finishing my sentence.

"You know we broke up a year ago... she left to live on her own after that." I said, making an awkward silence between us.

"Slender Man said one of his brothers is coming home for Christmas." Masky said, walking towards us and sitting on the couch

"H-He said what?! And not just one! If one comes, they all come!!" I panicked, looking at

"Don't worry," E.J said, placing a hand on my shoulder, "as long as she stays away from Offender Man and Laughing Jack, she'll be fine." but that didn't worry me any less.

~time skip to 8:00 p.m. because I'm lazy XP~


"Have you made your decision yet, (Y/N)?" Slender asked me as I was in his office.

"Yes..." I said nervous.

"So..." he said, "Are you going to stay here and become one of the proxies and stay with Toby," I nodded, showing that I was on track

"...or you have me erase your memory, and everything will be back to normal, as it was a couple days ago?"

"I've decided to-"

I am really mean arent I? Anyways,

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