Rios Playlists & The Process

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Hey everyone! If you are interested in the soundtracks that inspired Jeremy and Marcus, look no further, as they are listed below! I will edit and add songs as I listen to new music and something fills into the vibe of these playlists. 

I write to the same songs on repeat, so these songs were/are playing in the background of writing each chapter of Rios.

Song that inspired the rewrite: Stay by The Score

Jeremy's Playlist

Available to listen on Spotify:

Wolf by Boy Epic
Inmate 8576 by Adam Jensen
Living in the Shadows by Matthew Perryman Jones
The Mystic by Adam Jensen
Death of Me by SAINT PHNX
Stay by The Score
I'm Only Joking by KONGOS
The Therapist by Foreign Air
Tip Toes by half alive
Misquote (Acoustic) by Super Whatevr

Marcus's Playlist

Available to listen on Spotify:

Novocaine by The Unlikely Candidates
Misfit Lunatic by MISSIO
Malevolent by Social Repose
Numb by 8 Graves
Street Fight by Adam Jensen 
Best Friends by grandson
Oh No!!! by grandson
River Below by Billy Talent
Beast by 8 Graves
Rise by Night Panda + BEGINNERS
Innocence Glitched (Basement) by Mudeth
Bad Phase by Joy Opposites
I Beg for the End by Social Repose

Brief History of Rios

This book has been a long time in the making. I wrote an early draft of it and got a free edit of the overall concept. Largely, people were annoyed by how I ended the original book and felt the lore was lacking. I shelved it for a long time because I felt like I needed to become a better writer before I could tackle the rewrite.

Several books later, and the rewrite is now happening, no longer from just Jeremy's perspective, but a dual perspective novel with Marcus's much needed mindset.

I shifted the characters too. Marcus originally was much more mild and "fluffy." Jeremy lacked the emotional falling out from witnessing the Incident and was missing the sass that he so desperately needed.

Originally, this story started because I talked to my friend Sarah, and we both declared our love of werewolves (or werewuffs). We both wrote our own versions of werewolf stories (and *nudge, nudge* Sarah, I think you should still finish yours because I loved it). I fell in love with the idea of a werewolf and a vampire being trapped in a health center together, and Rios was born.

I am excited to share this as a Wattpad story and a free read. If you like my writing style, I encourage you to check out my published books (out in paperback, ebooks, etc) or see my other Wattpad stories. I'm an independent author, so word of mouth, reviews, and any purchases are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for checking out the playlists and Rios history.

The first chapter of Rios will be posted within a week, so check back soon!

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