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Xavier sighs while he was sitting on his bed, wondering about tonight. He and his family have been invited to attend the royal gathering for the blood moon. He would usually avoid attending these balls since he is human. However, since it was an invitation from the royal family, he had to go. When they first saw the invite letter, he saw that his parents didn't look happy that he had to attend, especially Nicolas. His father, Nicolas, was extremely overprotective over him, more so than everyone in the family. Xavier could see the displeasure in his father's face when he read the letter. It had made dinner tense and awkward. Xavier didn't know what to say and felt guilty for being human and making everyone worried about him.

If he was honest with himself, he didn't want to go to the ball. He was scared to go. The only reason the royals knew he existed was because of his uncle, who worked for the royal guards and was in charge of overseeing the guards. One day, his uncle, Antonio, had accidentally let out that his brothers had adopted a human in front of the royal family. The family had requested to see the child. Still, Sebastian and Nicolas disagreed and had put up a protective barrier around the house. However, this time, they couldn't escape it. They knew if they kept hiding Xavier, they get executed for defying the royal order.

Xavier stood up from his bed and walked over to his closet. He pulled out his suit that he was supposed to wear. It was a 3 piece suit. The shirt, jacket, and pants were white, while the vest and the tie were a baby blue color. He slowly slipped on the suit and looked at himself in the mirror. He tried to tie the knot correctly, but it looked wrong. It was wonky and seemed just wrong. He tried to fix it again, but he struggled, which made him get frustrated. "This stupid tie," Xavier huffed, before giving up and whining. He turned around when he heard someone chuckling behind him. "It's not funny," Xavier said with an angry pout and glared at Isaac. "Let me fix that for you," Isaac said with a smile as he walked closer to him. He turned him around to face the mirror and slowly explained how to properly tie the tie.

Xavier looked at his brother in the mirror, watching his movements closely. Isaac was pretty tall, the same as the rest of his family. All of them were extremely tall, except for Xavier, Axel, Alex, and Aaron, who were all average heights. The older brothers were between 6'5" and 6'7" tall.

Once Isaac was done, Xavier huffed. "But that's what I did. I don't know why it looked different." Isaac laughed at his little brother and ruffled his hair. "Don't worry, you'll get it one day." He said with a smile. "Thanks," Xavier said, even though he was still pouting and was confused as to what he did wrong.

"Are you worried about tonight?" Isaac asked as he sat down on Xavier's bed, while Xavier was fixing his hair. The brother stayed quiet for a minute before answering. "Kind of. I've never left past the house barrier, so I don't know what to expect." He answered truthfully. "Well, you do know that we're gonna be there with you," Isaac said, making Xavier snort. "Oh, I do know." He said, before grimacing at his comment. Isaac looked down at the floor and felt sorry for his little brother. He did know that he and his family were a bit overbearing and a bit too much. "We're just trying to–" "Keep me safe, I know. I can understand. It's just sometimes a bit–" Xavier stopped himself when he heard his dad's voice calling for him. 


Xavier exhaled as he felt extremely bored. He was sitting by a round table with his family and was sitting in between his parents. He looked around aimlessly at the extremely lavish room. The ballroom was enormous and was covered with gold. There were several round tables on the sides while the dance hall was in the middle of the room. The room had giant gold chandeliers hanging above, while paintings covered the entire ceiling. Xavier had to admit that the palace was stunning. It looked like it was built centuries ago, judging from the art pieces and designs and the architecture, but somehow it still looked well taken care of and looked perfect. The palace didn't look dull or aged. In fact, it looked the opposite. It was vibrant and alive. It was breathtaking.

As he kept looking around, Xavier knew that he was getting a lot of attention from people. When he first walked into the palace with his family, all eyes were on him, and it was extremely unnerving and made him feel sick. However, people immediately looked away when his father, Nicolas, had stood in front of him and glared at everyone. It made him really happy and warm inside. He also noticed that his brothers and his other dad were doing the same.

It's been an hour since they had arrived, and there were no signs of the royal family. The royal family consisted of a king, two brothers of the king, and several nieces and nephews. However, the king was still unmarried and didn't have a mate yet. There were speculations that the royal family held these kinds of balls to search for a suitable mate for the king. Which explained why almost everyone at the ball looked exceptionally well dressed and looked extravagant. The women wore beautiful gowns and were covered in makeup and jewelry. They were covered in diamonds, rubies, gold, and pearls. While the men wore well-tailored suits. Some wore traditional colored suits, while some took risks and wore colored suits. Since there was no bias or hate around gender in the vampire society, everyone had a chance. 

However, it's been hundreds of years already, and they still haven't found the king's mate. There were also rumors that the elders were giving up and wanted the king to marry anyone he fancied. Though, the king was a bit old fashioned and believed that he should stay faithful to his mate. But that didn't stop people from trying to please the king.

Xavier looked back at his family and smiled as he saw them. All of the mates were sitting next to each other, and seeing them made him happy. He didn't feel envious of their relationships. He was just glad that his brothers were happy. He chuckled as he saw Aaron and Adrian arguing, while Isaac was teasing Eli and Caleb. At the same time, Isaac's mate, Gabriel looked amused. Eli was one of the quietest brothers in the group. He rarely talked, except when Caleb was talking to him. However, this only made Isaac and Dominic tease the stoic brother. While Isaac was doing that, Dominic, Axel, and Alex were watching people dancing on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Julian and Christoper were talking to each other. Xavier couldn't hear what they were saying since they were far, and the music was too loud.

Xavier watched people dancing on the floor. He avoided looking into anyone's eyes since he knew a lot of people were still looking at him. A couple minutes later, Xavier frowned in confusion when the music stopped, and a loud horn went out, causing everyone to stop. He stood up when he saw that his family standing up and were facing the large doors. He was still puzzled as to what was happening. The room got so quiet that it would be possible to hear a pin drop as the doors opened.

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