Just Wait

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Bakugo's PoV

" WHERE?" I questioned her, my heart beating fast.

" Huh?" She asked back not understanding the question.

" WHERE IS HE?" Is he alive? Is he okay? ... Is he dead? The questions spun in my head, but I didn't have the guts to ask them.

" O-oh um... Mr. Aizawa said he's taking him to Recovery Girls office, but-" That's all I needed to hear as I pushed past her, starting to sprint my way to the nurses office.

I ran down the stairs, deciding that the elevator would just take to long. Once I reached the commons I got a lot of glances from everyone else, who where just sitting down to eat. But, I payed them no mind as I slammed open the door to dash outside.

Deku you idiot! Why?! Why would you do that? For me of all people! You where here the whole time and I let you slip through my fingers!!! Why are you always injuring yourself for others!? Does your selflessness have no bounds? Care about yourself for once! DAMN IT! If-if your not alive, I SWEAR I will revive you just to kill you again! So please, PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD.

I moved my hand to wipe the sweat coming out of my eyes. Focusing more on getting to the office. I run through the halls, slipping on the newly cleaned floors. I felt like I couldn't breathe, but I didn't stop, not even for a second.

I finally spot the. Nurses office, which only makes me start to run faster, if that was even possible. I reach the door and slam it open, making everyone in the room snap there head at me. I spot four people in the room, Aizawa, Recovery Girl, All Might, and Nezu.

" Bakugo, Kirishima, what are you both doing here?" he asks. Kirishima? I turn my head, spotting the red head male right behind me, breathless. He looks up at me and our eyes meet, we said so much to each other with that glance then we could ever say in words.

So I turn back around, only to answer the teacher with another question. " I-is he okay?" I choke out. This made All Might look down with a gruesome look. " IS HE OKAY?" I repeat the question, just a little more panicked this time.

Recovery Girl is the first to answer this time. " Okay? No," She says in a low voice. " But he is alive." With those word alone I felt relief flood over me. He's alive!  I'm sure they could see the relief on my face, but when I glanced around the room to look at my teachers, my relief quickly disappeared.

" Well what are you waiting, for heal him then!" I heard the red head shout frantically from behind me.

" I can't," was all she said.

" What!?" I butted in. " Why not!?"

I watched as she glanced over at the other teachers in the room, questioning them if she could tell. I watched Aizawa shake his head. All while All Might just looked down, the Rodent thought quietly of his shoulder.

" Ah!" Nezu says, speaking up for the first time. " You must already know that the cat is Midoriya!" My eyes went wide at his correct assumption, They knew!? " After seeing that look I will assume I am correct," he states.

" What the hell?! You guys knew that he was Deku, and you didn't tell us! Why the hell not?!" I shouted in frustration.

" That's not important right now," Aizawa states, cutting into the conversation. " But, when did the both of you find out about Midoriya?" He questions us.

" Oh... today actually. Bakugo and I where already searching for Midoriya before this, and we were going over our evidence all day today..." Kirishima states while locking eyes to the ground.

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