1. The first day

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I hated this place so damn much.

And today was only my first day after the summer holidays. One year ago, my father found a new and better job here in Los Angeles, so we moved here. And that meant I had to leave my old school and now I have to go to this one. I’m not saying that my life was way better in Finland, but at least I had a few friends there and no one was constantly reminding me of how much of a failure I was.

So I’ve been a student on this school for one year already and now I was a senior. Finally. One year, Sauli. You can do this. And after that you’re not going to see anyone you met here ever again. One year.

But the worst thing of all this is mathematics. No, actually, my mathematics teacher. She is one hell of a teacher, especially because she doesn’t like any student and she does show it. I was a senior at high school but in that class I felt like I was a little and stupid fourth-grader. All of it doesn’t make any sense to me and even if I tried to study, I failed every time. And that really just annoys me. I blamed it all on her.

Time passed by. In the first two hours of school there were just some assemblies and stuff like that. That usual stuff you do on the first day. Nothing special. But then I had maths. Already exhausted because I knew what was coming, I walked into the classroom just to see that all the seats in the back were already taken. Great! So I had to sit closer to the front, which meant closer to Mrs. Harper aka Mrs. She-Annoys-Me-To-Death. What a great start into a new year.

When the bell was ringing I just rolled my eyes and when I saw her entering the room, I felt like throwing up. Not that she was totally ugly, but I just couldn’t stand her at all.

“Good morning, class.” She said when she arrived behind her desk. “I have some bad news.” Mrs. Douchebag leaned against the whiteboard. “I’m leaving, this is my last day on this school.”

What? Seriously, what? I widened my eyes and probably for the first time ever, I actually listened to her.

“I married this summer and my husband and me found a-“ She was talking and talking, I didn’t care at all. All I’ve wanted to hear was that she was leaving. Gosh, I couldn’t believe it. Maybe this was going to be a good year? Well, for us. Not her husband. Who would even marry her? That was so gross. I can’t even lay my eyes on her for more than two minutes and he… he probably got paid. “-and my student teacher is going to take over this class until the school will find someone more permanent. I’m really sure he will be doing a great job and this experience is great practice for him.” She continued her explanation of why she was leaving and stuff like that. And when I heard that a student teacher was going to take over this class, I felt like throwing up again. Just for a second before she mentioned that I actually thought I could finally learn something in maths for once, but I laughed a little at myself about how wrong I was.

“He will arrive soon.” She said, taking her bag and walking towards the door. “Please behave. Goodbye.” I rolled my eyes. “Assholes.” She mumbled, barely understandable for anyone, but I heard it. Sitting in the front had some advantages. When she left the room I felt relief filling my whole body. But that lasted only for some seconds, until I remembered who was taking over this class. A fucking student-teacher. Gosh, no. Mrs. Harper was a professional and she failed at teaching us stuff. So how could an inexperienced guy just teach us half as much as she did?

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