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Black Moon Series Book #7
Warning: #Mature #Gay #Polyamory

BDSM. Friendship. Love.

Three words.


BDSM is the lifestyle I have indulged in for twelve years. It was Ivan's world. A world that saved me from the streets, prostitution, drugs and death, and it's become my world. A world I immediately fitted in, one I couldn't live without. A world I discovered through my late mentor who taught me everything he knew about the lifestyle and helped me to become the Master Dom I am today. A world to which I have educated so many people now, Doms and Subs, and even my best friends.


Camden, Joshua and Mark are imprinted on my hip; they are engraved in my soul; they make my heart beat. Twenty-five years of an unbreakable friendship, and now that we have reunited, there is nothing that could ever shatter the titanium bond between us. It's stronger than friendship, stronger than brotherhood. It's passion. It's one for all, and all for one, no matter what Fate throws in our way.


Love is the one thing I am missing when all my childhood friends have met their soulmates and settled down. Love is the last element that would make me feel complete.

LOVE, Menino. LOVE is a dearly sweet virtue and it can be a painful virtue too. LOVE isn't only a passion, an emotion, something that we feel for another person. It's not only a mere hole we fall into. It's also a disposition of self-sacrifice and compassion to do good for others, to provide what they deeply need, to selflessly accept that what they need is not necessarily what you had hoped for.

Of all the virtues Ivan taught me, Love is the only one I haven't fully accomplished yet. One that scares me senseless because unfortunately, I have only experienced Love as a painful virtue so far, and yet, my deepest wish is to finally meet Love as a sweet virtue.

Published on 28 June 2020

Here you go with a description of Aaron's third arc, with a cover that's pretty much of a teaser although many readers had already guessed about the DxDxS relationship. Don't ask me about the Sub though, I won't confirm or infirm theories because there's more than enough hints and evidence in the previous books ;)

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