Cute Niall imagine.

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You were packing up your bags for your family holiday trip that was about to take place today.

You just finished packing up one of your last luggages which took about two hours in total.

Apprently your dad just won a family trip to the UK, by entering some kind of competition.

You couldn't bother asking what it is about.

This was probably going to be one of the best days of your life.

Maybe you could meet One Direction down there, they was definietly a good chance they were going to be there.

Finally you took out all of your luggages to the car & hopped right in, with the rest of your family.

Your sister, mum & dad were also going along with you for the trip, you were completely fine with it.

Your dad took the wheel, & slowly started the engine.

The whole car trip, was absolutely boring that you hardly kept your eyes open.

Finally you arrived in London & the first thing you spot, once you get there, was the grand hotel that the car was parking close by.

"Oh my gosh. We're finally here". You announced with so much excitement on your voice.

You can't believe you're finally here, all the waiting & the packing was totally worth it.

"Come on guys. Let's get inside". Your dad gestured the three of you, to get out the car.

As you went inside the hotel, you noticed the whole room was illiumnated with so much light.

You glanced around the room, all the beautiful planets were scattered around the lobby & the bright chandeliers just above your head.

You & the rest of your family went towards the reception desk to check in your room.

"Hi, we're just looking to check into our room' mum asked with a flourish smile.

The receptionist nodded slowly & handed over a key-card & a piece of paper to your mum.

"This key-card is used to access your hotel room & the piece of paper contains your hotel room number. '

" hope you enjoy your stay here the receptionist smiled happily, wavering us over & letting in the other customers to check in.

Mum used the key-card through the door-lock & carefully flung open the room.

Your jaw literally dropped as you carefully examined the room.

It was absoluetly stunning, was probably the only word that could sum up the entire room.

"Hey, i'm just going to check around the lobby' you announced as you went out the room.

The whole reason why you agreed to go on this trip was to stalk the boys.

Since it's London, that's another plus but mainly you wanted to meet your idols.

You carefully walked through the hall, opening a tiny bit of each door that passed your way.

After you almost opened every single door on the hallway, only one more was left to open.

You breathed in calmly & took a handle on the door-knob & carefully turned it around.

"Hello? you asked in a mysterious voice.

You heard foot-steps coming towards your way & a cute irish voice.

"Who is it? The voice asked.

You panicked. Your hands started sweaty & you had this huge feeling that you were about to get busted by security.

"Um, i'm, um, room service? I'm room service you replied back nervously.

Someone was coming? You can't believe that you were just about to get thrown by security, you've not even been here for a day.

'So you're room service? The boy with the irish voice said right there in front of you, smirking.

You blushed so much, but then as you closely looked at the guy, you knew that it was Niall Horan.

You didn't know what to do, you didn't want to scream in his face, that would be so utterly embarrasing.

"No i'm not' you blushed a bit more. '

"So what are you doing here?' He asked clearing trying to make small-talk.

You felt like fainting right there, your heart was beating 100 miles an hour.

You couldn't believe your luck, maybe this was a dream?

"Um i was trying to find you guys actually. '

"You're my idols' you blushed like a big tomato.

He smiled & asked if you want to hang out with them.

You said yes like half a second after he asked, as if you were expecting him to ask that question.

The entire day you chilled with the boys, this was seriously the best day you've ever had.

You felt like the luckiest girl in the world & just after a few weeks, you & Niall were a couple. <3

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