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I can't believe that we are moving to Los Angeles! I am so very excited! Ron, that's my husband, has found us a gorgeous house in the Hollywood hills. Very modern, with clean lines, and it has absolutely breathtaking views of LA through many floor-to-ceiling windows. It is definitely my dream house, to be sure!

The realtor told us that on summer nights, we would be able to see and hear the concerts at the Hollywood Bowl that is right down in the valley. I cannot wait for that! The day she showed us around the house, she had also started to conspiratorially whisper to me about our future famous neighbors. We would be living among some pretty big names in movies, music, and fashion. I wondered if I would get to meet any of them? If maybe there would be block parties or neighborhood gatherings? Or did the neighbors all keep to themselves? I supposed that time would tell once we moved in.

Our old house in Portland has sold, and everything has been packed up for the move. I can't wait to get to know Los Angeles. And Ron's new position at the LA office of Microsoft is coming with a big raise! We will definitely be comfortable financially. I cannot wait to get settled in.

June first, 2001, my new life, in my new house, will begin!

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