Chapter 8

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"What the hell is that ferret doing here?" Said a muffled voice that appeared to be coming from ahead of me. My eyes were closed and it felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat. 'What happened?' I thought to myself, and then I remembered everything. The dream of Draco's father, the big scary mansion and worst of all the sight of him lying dead on the floor in front of me.
"Draco" I heard myself saying in a quiet voice and slowly my eyes fluttered open to see Draco standing right next to me with a tired face but it wore a smile. He's alive I thought and without moving too much I lifted myself up slightly and pulled him in for a hug.
"I -I-thought you were dead Draco, I had this dream and your father was there and you -you -were dead" I cried into his shoulder not letting go of him.
"Glad to hear your dreaming of me Mantha" he said laughing and through my tears I laughed too. A cough came from in front of me and reluctantly letting go of him I turned my head to the foot of the bed where I saw Hermione, Ron and Harry standing looking very awkward.
"Hey guys" I said lowering my head into the pillows.
"Sam we came as soon as we heard, what happened?" Hermione asked coming to the other side of the bed and gave me a small hug.
"I just had a dream but I don't really want to talk about it now. I'll tell you some other time, thank you for coming but can someone please tell me why I fell like I'm recovering from the worst hangover?" I said putting a hand to my head and instead of skin I felt soft material. . . A bandage? Draco spoke next
"Well I heard screaming from your room so I ran in, saw you fall off your bed and you hit your head real bad on your bedside table on the way to the floor. I shook you awake and you just started crying but then I noticed a big cut on your head. You passed out, it was bleeding a lot so I picked you up and brought you to Madam Pomfrey last night" he said.
"How long have I been out for?" I questioned groggily
"Um about a day" Ron said
"How long do I have to stay?" I asked
"I'll go call madam Pomfrey" Harry said walking off
"Yeah I'll go with him" Ron said suspiciously but at this point I don't really care what they think.
"Sam don't worry I will collect all your work for you and I'll help you if you want? Thank goodness it's Friday so if you need to stay longer you won't miss anything" she said
I lay back thinking of what I had dreamt of and it felt so real, the pain, the fear. As I wondered I spotted three figures walking towards me. As they got closer I made them out to be Harry, Ron and Madam Pomfrey.
"Hello dearie how are you feeling?" She asked kindly
"I just have the worst headache ever" I said as she poured water into a glass and handed it to me.
"Have as much water as you can okay? You have to stay one night here and tomorrow if you are well enough I will let you go back. But I don't suggest walking for a while, just relax. It's almost night fall" she said and walked away.
"Oh Gosh, Ron Hermione we need to go" Harry said nervously looking down at his watch "we promised Hagrid we would visit him today, I'm so sorry Sam but we really did promise him we would come. I'm also sorry you have to stay, alone" he said sympathetically.
"It's cool guys thanks for visiting anyway, see you tomorrow or something" I said giving a weak smile. As soon as they left I turned to Draco, he and I were alone in the room.
"Draco would you please stay with me tonight I'm sure Madam Pomfrey won't mind you sleeping on one of the beds" I asked
"Of course I will" he said "Mantha, it's my turn to help you. Do you want to tell me what your dream was about?" He said taking a step closer
"I'll tell you tonight if you stay, could you please call Madam Pomfrey?" I asked and he nodded and walked off. I lay there silently looking around at the room and flashes of the mansion room came into view. 'Its just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream' I kept telling myself that but it all felt so real at the time. Then came a voice.
"Just leave him to die alone, you can't help him" I heard that gruff voice say
"You wanted to speak to me darling?" Someone said from far away
"Huh?" I said and turned my head to the side and saw a worried looking lady and Draco. Then their faces morphed into something else, Draco's face was his fathers and Madam Pomfrey had silver scars all over her face and then turned into Draco's father and they both seemed to be coming alarmingly close to me until they were screaming those same words into my ears "you can't help him"
I screamed and cupped my hands over my ears to mute the sound. Suddenly my head felt as if it burst into flames that's how sore it was and before I knew it I felt like I fell over so I opened my eyes to see the cold concrete floor. The screaming had stopped and I looked up to see Draco and Madam Pomfrey staring over me. Their faces were their own again.
"So sorry I didn't tell you before, but you are on heavy potions and they sometimes cause hallucinations, are you okay now dear, do we look like ourselves? Does the room look the same again? Do you hear anything unusual?" She asked me
"His face was everywhere saying terrible things" I said with tears in my eyes "you were dead and it was so real, he kept saying those words and I -"
"I understand but is everything back to normal?" She asked me
I couldn't manage any words so I just nodded. I shivered because of the cold seeping through me from the floor.
"Right that's good news, the hallucinations usually only happen once or twice. Mr Malfoy please put her back on the bed, I don't thin that she can make it up by herself" she said standing up and walked over to the bed.
Draco slid one arm under my knees and the other one, to cradle my back. Warmth spread in me and I curled up into him savoring that warmth. I rested my head on his chest. But it was over and soon I was placed on the bed and fell asleep.

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