Brad Whyte

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    'I can't bare this any longer ....i ...i have to move the hell on ....did they realise what abandoning me did to me ?....Britt...Nels ....fuck , god don't let my sadness turn to anger . ' I said between hiccups while drinking - orange juice .
   " What did you say ?" Sab quickly said and glanced away . she must have known the look on my face .
" I don't wanna talk about it ".  I quickly rush into my room . I sit in front of the mirror to style my hair in Dutch braids buns. I divide my hair in two , starting from the nape of my neck , dutch braid each section and twist the ends of the braids into full buns .
" Lanny ! "
" What now Sab ? "
" Come here ". she stretched her arms for a hug . I really needed that . I walk gently and hug her tightly . Her smell ...oh my god heavenly . She pats my back and releases me . She gently cups my face into her warm hands .
" You know what Lanny ?! "
" I need you to secure yourself a job ."
" Uhmmm...well I thought about that ...I mean, i'm twenty three ! "
" Yes you are . "
" Hey sab ...I need to chill out ."
" Sure ...have fun dear . "
" I'm not " I yell faintly as i rush into my room . Need to change my clothes . I put on my denim shorts and a blue floral top . I quickly grab my wallet .
" see you later Sab "

   I walk through the streets of New York . ' man bar and foods , I should probably go there . ' I open the door and quickly look over the place . The walls are painted blood red with violet and some beautiful graffiti . air conditioners and music are all over . Nice first impression  .

" Three shots please ."
" Are you sure you can handle that ? " a person's deep husky voice brought me back from my reverie . I didn't want to look back until I felt a figure sit beside me . The bartender handed me my drinks . I turned around to look at the oppressive figure , lo and behold was a man  . I had to admit, he was an attractive man . His lips were pale and thin and his nose slender and rounded . his eyes were green - like a leaf of emerald glinting in the sunlight of fresh dew  . A prominent jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body ; strong arms bold thighs and calves , a firm chest and abdomen . He was an adonis among the other men who each pale in comparison .

  I quickly glanced away .  " are you sure you can handle that? " he repeated . I looked away for a moment and answered him .. " and why are you asking ?"
" Just to be sure and so you won't harm yourself ." I scoffed at that sentence . Why would he wanna know ....oh ...just some pick up line from a random stranger so he could fuck....
   " I know you must be wondering why I care . i'm Brad Whyte . " I furrowed my eyebrows and ignored him .  I'm not ready to be into any man right now so you should probably keep the convo .
" I'll take the silence as a compliment . I'm not annoyed . "

   I took in my shots and paid the bartender . I took on quick glance at brad . " Can I at least get your number ? "
" No . " 
" Bye Brad ."  I didn't look back as I walked out .

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