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There are Ten Forms for this breath style

First Form: First Flight

This form is used for demons who are much faster. It will heighten the user's senses and will make the user faster as well. Using this will be a quick kill.

Second Form: Blood-Stained Wings

When used, the demon will feel as if they were isolated in the air, red poison will surround their body and they will disintegrate into bloodied feathers.

Third Form: Gentle Landing after the Fall

This form works better if the demon is in midair. Sunlight consumed by the user's sword will be released once it hits the demon, making it turn into ashes. Decapitation is not needed.

Fourth Form: Soul Weaving Blood Sync

If the user's sword gets demon blood while using this, they're able to use their blood demon technique for a limited amount of time. The more blood there is, the longer they can use it.

Fifth Form: Newborns on a Summer Day

When using this, the demon is paralyzed and unable to use their powers or blood demon techniques. This gives the user enough time to decapitate them. The name for this form refers to how newborns aren't able to do much. The demons will burn afterwards.

Sixth Form: Fury of the Mother Bird

This allows the user to cut multiple things with just one slash. Often used to slice up demons who are bigger.

Seventh Form: A Thousand Feathers' Warmth

This form envelopes the demon in a soothing warmth before slowly burning them. This particular form gives the demon a sense of comfort, making them reminisce.

Eigth Form: The Eagle's Dance of Death

This form requires a special dance and is best used midair. The demon is slowly beaten up to the point they are paralyzed and are decapitated.

Ninth Form: A Dove's Single Prayer

Used for demons who offer their own head. The demon will be soothed to sleep as they die peacefully.

Tenth Form: The Crow's Song of Sorrow

One of the strongest forms. The demon is trapped in a daze where all their senses are cut off while they are decapitated. 13 crow feathers are scattered around them as a curse for them in their next life.


The Soul Forms are finally revealed and explained! Most of these are associated with birds and blood. The last one is more based on superstition aka crows represent someone's coming death, the number 13 is associated with bad luck/death. I hope you like them, I'm not very creative :')

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