A secret room

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"There are no bandages here" cried Lucas while peering into the cabinet

"Oh don't be such a wimp it's hardly a cut" scoffed Samantha

Distressed Carl snapped, "You were the one responsible for this" he said eyeing samantha and showing his hand from where a considerate amount of blood was flowing.

Today,  these three were left responsible for the hospitality of their home while their parents were away on a day of relaxation for their 15th anniversary. The proud couple had been reluctant to this idea but though skeptical did not argue much about it and leaving the eldest, Lucas in charge they left for their special day.

"Let me check the basement" Shouted Lucas running downstairs

As the clock ticked, The bleeding of Carl's hand  became worse. Samantha now worried dashed downstairs "What's taking so much-" but what she saw down their was way beyond her imagination. 

With a flick of air Samantha turned around "Karl, You scarred me"

"How did you even know I entered in here ?" While not taking his eyes of the thing in front of him

"I just know....... "

Lucas and Karl nodded understandingly, because they have felt it too, their actions working faster than their realisation.

"So should we just run up there and pretend nothing ever happened?" asked Karl with a foolish smile

"No, I wanna explore it" said Samantha with a glowing look in her eyes

"We have bigger issues" Lucas told the pair of twins gesturing to Karl's hand.

After Karl's hand was well bandaged, the trio decided to finally explore the big gate which will lead them to adventure.

"How did you stumble upon it?"

"Well grabbing bandages from the drawer i glanced at the ancient inscription on its back weirdly enough I could understand what It meant, it was a riddle-"

"Wow! tell us" fascinated Karl

"No!, skip the riddle " said Samantha with authority

"Afterwards" mouthed Lucas to Karl

"Then on the underside of drawers were number, I entered the right combination and well the fake wall on this side fell revealing this giant door"

Samantha sprinted towards the door to rush and open it but got stopped by an agile Lucas. 

"This door was hidden so well do you think it can be opened just like that" questioned Lucas

"Well I don't know you both are the smart ones." she said "Figure this out"

"Well that's easy"  started Karl "You see our basement is made deep underground but as we can see this ceiling is not as huge in height as it is underground.  That means-"

"It's a fake ceiling" realised Lucas

"Yes-" continued Karl " So if you open that door rocks are most likely to fall on you."

"From where would we get in?" said Samantha

"The main Question is who would design something like that?" said Lucas

" Why would somebody design a gate like that?" said Karl

There are three types of people.


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