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9th June 2020, after quite the enraging epiphany... 


Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for clicking on Behind Closed Gates to read! I'm so grateful and I hope you enjoy it, but I realise I have a few things to clear up before you dive in. 

A few months ago I wrote a duology Typhoon & Tempest and the feedback has been lovely and heart-warming, but when I saw comments saying, "I'm going to check your other works!", a large part of me went oh no 

It's well-known that the large majority of Wattpad stories are rough first drafts. Some are very rough; Behind Closed Gates falls in that bracket. I wrote it in 2013, started with the first chapter, and wrote from there with no idea on plot, characters, overall story, pacing, the lot. 

In 2017 I decided to tackle editing this hot mess - that's why there's now paragraphs and some sense of grammar, but I realised lately that the second edit (titled BCG Edited on my profile) was going to take such a long time because BCG originally is such a madly paced novel.  There's a literal six year time jump - why didn't 15 year old me start the story from there? I have no idea

I love BCG. It kicked off a lot of things for me and started my life writing with a lovely, supportive, and hilarious community like yourselves. However it's a hot mess - a lovable hot mess, but a hot mess all the same. 

If you want to read a werewolf story with cliche moments, original plot, and a plethora of characters, this is for you. Be gentle with your thoughts and don't think too much about the plot (15-year-old me for sure didn't).

But Behind Closed Gates is going to be edited for the third time - and when I've edited it, it's going over the top of this draft. Behind Closed Gates will remain up for, I'm guessing, a year from this date, before it's replaced by the revamped (pun intended) version. 

Enjoy this book while it's up. People love it, it's a zoo-heist-werewolf story, with two completed sequels. 

But soon, Gates of Silver will be here, and it's the standalone mash up of the BCG trilogy. All three books will be morphed into GOS and if you'd like to wait until that's up that's okay. 

Please keep in mind that BCG is in the process of being edited, and my writing has (I hope) improved. 

Much love to you all, 

Libby x

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