1. Needed Photographer

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*Hello everyone! It is I, ComeAlongHolmes_ and I have been requested by @Arii1D to write a sequel/after sequel on Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop but on how Dean and Cas met.
I do hope you enjoy this!*

// Dean's POV

Dean walked on the busy streets of the city, searching. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, but he'd know when he found it...whatever it was.

He gripped the tripod tightly in his hand and fiddled with the strap of his guitar and continued walking.

He made his way to the city park, where he could hopefully find something to take pictures of.

He strolled over to a park bench and set his things down, keeping the guitar hanging on his shoulders.

He looked around at a few children running around and different couples under a few trees.

Dean brought the camera up to his face and looked through the lens, hoping to find something a bit more interesting.

He caught a glimpse of a man painting something but he was distracted when someone pulled on his arm.

Dean pulled the camera away from his face and faced at a man who looked incredibly stressed and frantic.

"May I help you?" Dean asked letting the camera hang off his neck.

"Yes! Please our camera man just canceled and we don't have anyone else! Please! You seem to know what you're doing!" The man pleaded.

"Sure man...just calm down a bit." Dean reassured before grabbing his things and following the man.

He lead them to an area of the park that was filled with lights, tall foldy things and other stuff you'd use for a photo shoot.

There was a woman standing on a podium, and she looked very very pissed.

"Sean who the heck is this?"

"Ma'am I found a camera man. It's the only chance we have if you want your picture taken for the magazine."

The woman scoffed and walked off the podium and towards a chair with her name printed on it.

A few crew members started adding volume to her hair and reapplying her make up.

Dean stood there extremely nervous.

"Okay I'm ready." She smiled and stood back on the podium. A few others of the staff flicked on a few fans and soon her long red dress was flowing behind her, so was her curly brown hair.

"Here use this." Someone stated before handing Dean a camera with a bigger and longer lens.

Dean sighed and brought the camera to his face and begun snapping pictures of the woman. She stood in different positions and Dean made sure to take every picture perfectly.

Once they were done Dean returned the camera and grabbed his things.

"Wait sir! I haven't paid you!" Sean called after him.

Dean turned around and smiled, waving him off.

"Nah, I'm good-- "

"Oh but I insist! She would've killed me if I hadn't found a camera man."

Dean smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well if you insist."

Sean paid him around $200 and Dean kept thanking him for it and walked away.

"Wait what was your name?"

Dean placed his camera in his bag and swung if guitar so it was in front of him before playing on it.

"Name's Dean Winchester." He called before walking off into the park, strumming his guitar.

*H E Y G U Y S! How'd you like that first chapter? I hope you liked it! Also Merry Christmas you guys! If you celebrate any other holiday! Happy (insert holiday) to you guys!

This is like a spin off to Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop as to how Dean and Cas met to yep bye!

ComeAlongHolmes_ *

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