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Xavier rubbed eyes tiredly as his full bladder woke him up from his sleep. He sat up and groaned as his bones cracked. He stretched out his limbs and noticed that Axel wasn't sleeping next to him anymore. He blinked a couple of times before shrugging his shoulders and climbing out of bed. He knew that Axel couldn't last long without being next to his twin, so he didn't feel bad or disappointed. He slowly waddled towards his bathroom, his body still aching.

After emptying his bladder, Xavier looked at himself as he was watching his hands. He had raven black hair and bright blue eyes. His skin was also extremely fair to the point he looked sickly. However, it was mostly due to him staying indoors for most of his life and having no sun exposure. Xavier was also extremely skinny for his height and was slightly underweight. He was five foot and nine inches tall and was weighed 120 pounds. The only reason why he knew his weight was because his eldest brother, Adrian, who was the family doctor made him weigh himself every week to make him gain weight. Despite him having a bottomless pit and eating to his heart's content, he never gained weight. Xavier didn't care about it though, even though he knew he should.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Xavier walked out of the bathroom and walked towards his closet. He grabbed a black hoodie and slipped it on while leaving his shorts on. He left his room and headed downstairs to make breakfast. He walked down the large stairway and could already hear Aaron and Adrian arguing in the kitchen. He chuckled as he wondered what they were arguing about today. Adrian and Aaron were the oddest mates in the family. They always argued about everything, but they strangely loved each other as mates.

Xavier walks into the kitchen with a smile and saw the couple arguing, while Isaac and Julian were sitting by the counter, probably drinking coffee. They were both watching the couple fighting, looking amused at the situation. Adrian was ordering Aaron to sleep while Aaron wanted to stay awake since he didn't feel tired. Xavier thought it was a bit funny because Adrian was a giant, roughly around 6 feet and 7 inches tall while Aaron was the same height as Xavier. It was funny seeing someone short yelling at a giant. "Good morning, lovebirds." Xavier joked with a laugh as he walked in, making Isaac and Julian laugh out.

"Good morning, Xavier," Julian said with a laugh, ruffling his little brother's hair as he stood up from his stool. "I'm gonna head back upstairs, I've spent way too long watching those two arguing all morning." Julian joked before he started walking away with his mug in his hand. "Good night," Xavier said with a laugh, watching his brother walking away before sitting down where Julian was sitting.

"Good morning, Zee," Isaac said with a smile. "Morning." He smiled back. "Have they really been fighting all morning?" Xavier asked as he looked at the couple. "What do you think?" Isaac answered back, making Xavier laugh. "Yup."

"Aren't you gonna go to sleep?" Xavier asked as he and Isaac were watching them arguing. "This is too interesting to go to sleep," Isaac said, making Xavier burst out laughing. "True." The two continued watching the two quietly, waiting for Adrian to snap. They knew it was getting close. After a couple of minutes later, Adrian finally had enough of Aaron and snapped. He picked up his mate and threw him over his shoulder. Xavier and Isaac burst out laughing as he watched Adrian carrying Aaron away, while Aaron was cursing at him and was hitting his back with his fists. "Put me down, you stupid neanderthal!" Aaron yelled as he kept hitting Adrian's back.

"That always gets me," Xavier said, wiping his tears away from laughing so much. "When will they ever learn?" He continued. "I don't think they'll ever learn," Isaac replied with a laugh, making Xavier chuckle.

Xavier exhaled deeply and rested his forehead on the countertop once everything died down. Isaac sipped on his coffee and started playing with his brother's hair. Caffeine didn't affect vampires as much as it did to humans. Isaac liked drinking it for the taste. "How are you feeling today?" Isaac asked as he states creating a rhythm as he was playing with Xavier black hair. "I'm okay, I guess. The twins sneaked into my room again, though." He said, making Isaac snort. "When are they not sneaking into your room?" "True."

Another comfortable silence fell between them as Isaac kept playing Xavier's hair and brushing his fingers through them. "Are you happy?" Isaac asked all of a sudden, causing Xavier to furrow his brows. "Yeah, I guess so. I mean I'm not sad or depressed." Xavier replied, making Isaac hum in response. He was a bit worried about his youngest brother since he didn't talk about his feelings or ever opened up about his thoughts or opinions. He's never even argued with anymore in his family, which Isaac found to be a bit concerning. When he was around Xavier's age, he argued with almost everyone, even his older brothers argued with their parents. He was a bit worried that Xavier was holding himself back from expressing his feelings.

"I mean, you've never really complained to talk about your feelings before. I'm just a bit worried." Isaac said with a sigh. "I'm okay, you know I don't need much to be happy," Xavier replied. "But don't you want to do something? Don't you want to continue your education or work?" Isaac asked with a frown, making Xavier think. "I don't really know. Right now, I'm happy helping everyone with their work, but I still don't know what I want to do." Isaac exhaled at his little brother's response. He knew that he and his family were extremely overprotective about Xavier, but he wanted him to be happy and content with his life. He felt worried that Xavier might be holding himself back because he's scared to open up about himself.

"You know you can talk to me, if you ever want to talk about something, right?" Isaac said, making Xavier look back at him with a small smile. "Yeah. I know."

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