▶Chapter #3

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"Damn!" i complained, panting like i'm running from a pack of hyenas...well basically i am but instead of hyenas it's two macho gorillas.

but...i don't know where the other one is....aw dipshit!


Oh let me rewind really quick so you know what happened...⏪




I quickly turned around hitting another chest like Mr. King-kong's-baby-brother here behind me. But when i looked up it was statue his chest was slightly but visibly smaller.

Then i realized i was sandwiched between two sexy gorilla statues....this was such a turn on....AT THE WRONG DAMN TIME.



Present time...▶

I've said it before and i'll say it again "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shheeeyyyit!!"

"What the hell are you chanting up there...you can't run forever shortie," he yelled ahead at me

ugh...again with the height, seriously is that all he can call me!

"Watch me. goddamn gorilla statue" i laughed out while turning down a abnormally long but wide alleyway.

"fuckin tall gorilla..sexy statue insulting mouses ass, gorgeous muscled dangerous perverted creep!!!" i yelled out of breath.

"I'm confused! are you insulting me or complimenting me? i have feelings you know, shortie!!!" he heaved huffin & puffing.

yeah right says the man who keeps calling me shortie....dumbass

3 Minutes later....

We both slowed down tremendously from before we are now speed-like-walking in a way. Well i am and is still down this fudging alleyway!

"WHY!! Why mus' you run you damn midget ho-how do you even run so fast you so damn short?" he was nearly fumbling over. From all the clanking and rumbling i heard behind me.

I laughed, i really couldn't help it much which made me even more tired than i was, "cause your chasing me dumbass, come and get me you stumbling shit" i said and fell over.

I was so damn tired my legs were throbbing with my heart beat in sync.

jackass over here whose walking really slow pulled out his phone, said something i wasn't caring about & hung up.

"i caught you.......now enough of this cat-mouse shit, ok?" he demanded.

My angry eye's glared at him. does he think i like this!? cause i sure as hell don't it takes all my strength to walk to the bathroom when i'm comfortable in bed and i just ran from him he can't even begain to know how much hate i feel towards him for making me exercise against my will.

"Fuck you." i passed out right there with him hovering over me. last thing i heard was "Watch that tongue." And a car or truck coming to stop up ahead.

----Allens P.O.V----

"No i dont have it, i never took the damn the damn thing! Look......I'm sorry, please just give me some time....i never had it but i'll find it just...dont please."

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