Chapter Eleven

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Divination was an alright class. You sat next to some guy you didn't know. His name was Herman or something like that. He was nice, kind of weird. Eh, you'll live.

You looked around the room. Pretty cool decorations Professor Trelawney had. Then you decided to actually pay attention. You had a bad habit of not paying attention in class.

"Hello, I am Professor Trelawney. Together, we will cast ourselves into the future!" She said rather enthusiastically.

It was so quiet you swore you heard a cricket.

"Now I want you to take the cup opposite you."

You followed the professor's directions and read Herman's cup.

It looked like he had the sun.

"Well, looks like you're one happy son of a gun." You said.

He laughed. "I am. Hm, I think yours says that you are in love but you don't want to admit it to yourself?"

"How did you get all that from that?!" You asked.

"I don't know. I could be wrong. It is our first class." He said.

You shrugged. Maybe.

Or maybe he was right. But....who the hell were you in love with?!


You were excited for Hagrid's class. Harry, Hermionie, and Ron had told you so much about him and how exciting he was that you just couldn't wait to be amazed.

You made your way into the forest with the rest of the class.

"Now class, if you could please open your books!" Hagrid called to all the students.

"How exactly do we do that!?" Draco rudely asked.

"You stroke the spine of course!"

Draco stroked the spine and gave Hagrid a look.

Neville opened the book without stroking the spine and got attacked by it.

Draco passed by and smirked. "Don't be such a wimp, Longbottom."

When you all gathered where Hagrid left you, you leaned against a small wall.

Then Malfoy's posse stopped next to you and you moved next to Hermionie.

"Hi Hermionie." You smiled.

"(Y/n)! Oh, it's good to see you!"

You felt arms wrap around you from behind.

"Hello, (y/n)."

You turned around.

"Harry!" You exclaimed and hugged him.

Ron gave you the next hug.

"I think they're funny." Hermionie said.

"Oh yeah, terribly funny." Said Draco sarcastically. You gave him a death glare.

"Gosh, this place has gone down to the dogs. You wait until my father hears that Dumbledore has this oaf teaching classes." He laughed.

Harry stepped forward. "Shut up, Malfoy."

"Ooooooo" Draco made a noise.

He stepped forward and looked down at Harry.

Was Draco abnormally tall for a 13 year old or was Harry simply short?

There was silence. You wanted to step in and take Harry out of there.

Draco the looked up behind Harry and froze, fear taking over his features.

He pointed up at what he looked at and yelled ,"Dementor, Dementor!"

Everyone turned around and seen nothing.

You stepped forward to punch Draco but Ron held you back.

Draco and his posse put their hoods on and made a ghost like noise, raising their hands to their faces and wiggling their fingers.

Hermionie stepped forward and made a face at Draco, causing him to laugh.

When you turned around, Hagrid was back with a beautiful creature. But he looked Dangerous.

"Say hello to Buckbeak." He said.

You learned that Buckbeak was a Hippogriff and that they were very proud creatures. Insulting them can be very dangerous.

Hagrid asked for a volunteer to say hello to him, but you all stepped back.

Except for Harry. Poor Harry.

"Well done Harry!" Hagrid exclaimed Hagrid.

Harry looked back and seen that everyone had backed up. The look he gave was one that said 'you bastards'.

You backed away. You didn't want to see if Harry got hurt.

When you stopped, you were a few feet away from Draco, who glared at you.

You pretended not to notice, but you did.

Draco pushed forward so he could get a better view and glared at those who complained. He at a green apple like he didn't notice any of the complaints.

Harry bowed to Buckbeak and Draco started to laugh. Huh.

Then Buckbeack bowed back. That shut Malfoy up.

"Now go on and pet him. Let him come to you." Hagrid calmy explained.

Harry took slow steps. Soon, he was petting Buckbeak.

Draco had a glare on his face where you had a smile.

"I think he'll let you ride him now." Hagrid said while picking up Harry.

"What!? Hagrid!" Harry yelled.

Hagrid placed Harry on top of Buckbeak then set Harry off.

Harry went up and away with Buckbeak. You heard his woos and yeahs. Draco rolled his eyes at the sounds.

When Harry came back, you and the class clapped, except for Draco and his posse.

Draci sneered and stepped forward.

"Oh sure. You're not dangerous at all are you!?"

He walked toward Buckbeak quickly, causing him to get angry.

Out of defense, Buckbeak hit Draco on his arm and knocked him down. Hagrid stopped him from beinf wild. Draco squirmed on the floor. Great. He was being a drama queen.

"Oh it's killed me. It's killed me!" He cried.

"Calm down, Malfoy, it's just a scratch!" Hagrid said.

Hermionie stepped forward quickly.

"Hagrid! He needs to be taken to the hospital wing!"

Hagrid nodded. "I'm the teacher, I'll do it."

He picked Draco up and carried him away.

"You're gonna regret this. You and your bloody chicken." Draco said.

Then he passed out.

You ran up to them. "Hagrid, can  accompany him?"

Hagrid nodded. "Sure, he should find comfort to see a student who cares."

You nodded. Would he really be happy to see you?

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