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Xavier softly groaned in his sleep as he tried to roll over onto his other side. However, he couldn't. Something was stopping him from moving his body; something heavy was pressing down on him, keeping him immobile and in place. He groaned again in annoyance and slowly opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes and saw what was stopping him, he wanted to cry in frustration. He should have known that it was those two, Alex and Axel. The clingy twins. No matter how many times he told them to not enter his room, they still went against him. Even if he had locked his door, they'd always manage to find a way to get in. Xavier loved them both to death, however, their clinginess drove him a bit insane. Especially when he was trying to rest.

Xavier came from a large family. He and his siblings were all adopted by their fathers, Nicolas and Sebastian, and came from different backgrounds. However, they were all extremely close despite that. They were a total of twelve brothers, including Xavier. The order of the eldest to the youngest was Adrian, Eli, Isaac, Dominic, Julian, Christopher, Gabriel, Caleb, Axel, Alex, Aaron, and finally Xavier. They all had jobs except for the last four siblings. Axel, Alex, and Arron were still college students, while Xavier had just graduated from high school.

Even though Xavier had just finished school, he wasn't sure if he wanted to further his education. He was homeschooled for most of his education and didn't know if he wanted to go to a university or not. His parents had told him that he didn't need to apply and that he could help with the family business, or just stay at home. He wasn't pressured into doing anything, which is why he felt a bit lost. However, he knew deep down his parents didn't want him to go to university. If he applied for any colleges, it would mean he would have to move out and live in a dorm or an apartment, and he knew his parents didn't want that. Both of his dads were extremely overprotective of him, especially because he is the youngest child in the group. The only reason why the others had continued their educations was because they had gone to a regular school and were already part of society. However, Xavier was the only one that was kept away from the world. His family members were all extremely protective and possessive over him since he was a human. They were all vampires except for Xavier.

They didn't even allow Xavier to leave the house alone despite them living far away from society. Their house was built on top of a snowy mountain, and no one would ever dare to go there since it was protected. However, Xavier didn't really mind this as he was a total hermit and loved staying indoors. He only went out when the twins would bother him to go with them for a walk. Other than that, Xavier would be stuck in the library reading or helping his brothers with their work.

"I want to sleep," Xavier whined as he tried to free himself, but the twins only held onto him tighter. "Shhh... We're trying to sleep." They both said, making Xavier snort. "Why are you here anyways? Why aren't you sleeping with Dom?" Xavier asked with a yawn as he tried to get comfortable. A long pause fell between them, before Alex mumbled softly, sounding sad, "He's out playing with his stupid band. I hope he falls on his face on stage. Stupid Dom." "Don't say that A. It's not his fault he has to work," Axel replied as he looked at his younger twin who was pouting and looking depressed. "Whatever. I don't like him. Stupid Dom and his stupid face." Alex said back. The two started arguing, making Xavier sigh loudly as he stared at the high ceiling.

"Why are you two even trying to sleep? It's dark out." Xavier asked as he looked back down at Alex and Axel who were glaring at each other. "We want to sleep with you. Sleeping with you is comfortable and calming." They both answered, making Xavier exhale. "Okay, can you at least let me move to my side. I'm uncomfortable sleeping like this." He said, which made them immediately move a bit to let him readjust. Once he lied on his side, Alex hugged him from behind while Axel curled towards him. "Thank you." He said while closing his eyes, starting to feel sleepy again.

A couple of hours later, Xavier opened his eyes as he woke up from his deep sleep. He was going to fall back to sleep again, but he noticed someone was sitting on the chair that was by his bed. He blinked a couple of times slowly, readjusting his sight, and smiled when he realized that it was Dom. Dom was watching them sleep. He looked extremely exhausted but looked happy as he was watching them. Xavier also noticed that his eyes were red and glowing in the dark. It used to freak him out when he was a child, seeing red beads in the dark, however, he now found them comforting. "Welcome back," Xavier said quietly, not wanting to wake up the two. Dom smiled softly at Xavier, his eyes crinkling in the corners. He reached his hand over and stroked Xavier's black hair. "I'm sorry about them. I've told them countless times to let you rest, but..." "they're too stubborn, I know." Xavier laughed softly, making Dominic chuckle with him.

"It's okay though, I don't mind it." He continued, making Dominic hum in response as he continued stroking his hair gently. Xavier slowly closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Dom playing with his hair. He started to feel sleepy again. However, he jumped in fear when Alex screamed right behind him. "Dom!" The boy yelled and was now latched onto Dom, scaring Xavier and waking up Axel. "Alex," Xavier whined as he covered his ears, while Dom sighed loudly and rubbed his face at the boy. "Why did you leave, stupid Dom and your stupid face. Stupid, stupid Dom!" Alex started sobbing loudly as he kept smacking Dom in the chest.

"Jeez," Axel said as he looked at his younger twin and snuggled closer to Xavier. Dom hugged Alex tightly and stood up while carrying Alex in his hands. "I'm so sorry, Xavier. I'm gonna take this and let you rest." Dom said as he already started walking towards the door while Alex was still crying loudly. Once Dom closed the door behind him, Xavier and Axel looked at each other before bursting out laughing. "Holy-" Axel said as he was tearing up from laughing so hard.

"Don't you want to go with them?" Xavier asked once they have calmed down from laughing. "Meh, I want to sleep here with you," Axel said with a smile as he rested his forehead on his younger brother's forehead. "But-" Xavier said before being stopped by Axel. He knew that being far from his twin could make his stressful, especially since they were mates. "It's fine," Axel answered with a gentle smile.

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