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a lot of these chapters are private so the only way to read them is by following me.

You never thought more about your History teacher's behavior towards you. He was always polite and kind when he spoke to you, but he was like that with everyone else.

Since History was your last period of the day Mr. Styles would always ask you to stay afterwards and help him out with papers and such. He was such a kind and good looking man that you didn't have any problems in doing so.

Today was no different as you walked into class. There he was standing in tight black jeans, white button up, tie loosely hung around his neck. His hair was a messy perfection and you had to snap yourself out of it as you walked to your seat near his desk. As you sat down he called to you from the board.

"Charlotte please stay after class," his deep voice resounded through the quiet room.

"Sure Mr. Styles," he grinned at you. You smiled right back and ducked your head down, getting all of your things from you bag. You got many dirty looks from other envious students but shrugged them off, focusing on the lesson he was teaching.


"Mr. Styles I think the other students should also start helping you out." You said as you sat next to him grading his freshman class's papers. His movements stopped and looked over at you with a frown on his chiseled features.

"Why? Are they giving you a hard time? Tell me and I'll put a stop to it immediately." He growled the last part out, making your eyes widen slightly.

"It isn't that bad Mr. Styles, don't worry about it. I'm a big girl I can take care of myself." You said and returned to grading the young kid's papers. In honesty is was nothing more to talk, but still you were bothered by it and some of it hurt.

"I know you're a big girl," he mumbled and turned back to the paper stack in front of him. He made small talk and you both laughed at some of the silly comments the children had written for some of the questions.

You got through half of the stack of papers before looking down at the clock on the wall to see the time. You jumped up when you saw that you were 5 minutes from missing the last bus that would go your way home.

"I'm sorry Mr. Styles but I have to leave. I'm going to miss my bus, but I can finish these tomorrow after school!" You said as you rushed to grab your things. Mr. Styles was also standing up; he grabbed your arm before you could leave the room.

"Calm down love, I'll give you a ride home, that way you don't have to go rush." He spoke smoothly and firmly.

"You would do that?" You asked him quietly. He nodded and you smiled up at him.

"Now you can sit in my chair while I grab my things from the back room." You followed his light demand and made yourself comfortable in his big chair. About 5 minutes later he came out with all his things in hand.

"Should you inform your parents that you are just now on your way?" He spoke as you both made your way out of the school and to his car.

"They work super late and they don't really mind when I get home, but just to text them when I do make it back." You explained as he drove onto the main road. Silence overtook the car; you leaned your head against the wall.

"So where am I headed Charlotte?" He asked you and you gave him the address and he put it into his GPS.

He pulled up to your house quickly and you turned to thank him.

"Thank you so much Mr. Styles, I completely appreciate it." You smiled widely at him and opened the door before he caught your hand in his.

"Please Charlotte call me Harry, besides we are outside of school." You blushed and mumbled an 'okay.' You watched from your porch as he drove off and gave you a quick wave. You were beginning to like your History teacher a bit more then you should.

~Harry's POV~

I grinned knowing that I was getting much closer to my darling student. The lust and need I had for her was overwhelming. I wanted her for my own.

The first day she had walked in I just knew that she would one day be mine and I hers. From that day on I had made sure to be the most charming I could ever be; I wanted to make sure she was happy and felt safe when she was with me, even if it was my stupid classroom.

When she had said that the other students had been giving her a hard time it took everything in me not to go punch something. I didn't want anyone hurting my precious baby girl.

I pulled into my driveway and walked straight up to my bedroom to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable.

I sat down and thought of her blushing earlier today, wondering the other times I would make her blush. The thought alone made me smirk, oh my lovely Charlotte. I was so much more than just a teacher to you.

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