chapter 45: I just can't

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I slowly open my eyes to the sound of my bedroom door creaking open. "Vincenzo?" I call out. My voice is weak from crying. "No sweetie it's Mom. I wanted to check on you and see if maybe you wanted to come watch a movie and have a milkshake with me?" Marcella my mother in law says in a soft soothing voice. "Why are they not back yet it has been a week?" I asked about to cry. "Baby come out let me cook you something and we will talk okay?" She soothed.

I get up from the bed and follow her out to the kitchen. I sit on one of the stools as she looks through the fridge. "What would you like to eat babygirl?" She asks. "Pizza with mushrooms and pineapple. Oh and extra cheese please." I reply. She smiles and let's out a little laugh. "Cravings are always the strangest." She says. "No just me. I have always eaten that kinda pizza. Just like my mom my Dad says. I even got Vincenzo, Caleb, and some of the men liking it." I laugh. "Well then I feel as if I need to try this great sounding pizza." She smiles. "With a peanut butter chocolate marshmallow shake right?" I ask in a small shy voice. She giggles shaking her head. "Yes, if that makes my daughter and grandson happy then absolutely."

The whole time she made the pizza we just chatted never really bringing the conversation on anything to heavy. While eating we fell into a comfortable silence. We started doing dishes. She washed and I dried.

A wave of dread coursed through me. "I'm scared." I say out loud. "I know war can be scary at times. That's the downfall of being married to powerful men." Marcella says. "Something is wrong. I feel it. I feel it in my bones." I say putting the plate down. "Is it the baby?" She asked. I nodded no. Donovan one of our guards came into the kitchen his face as pale as a ghost. "What's wrong? Tell me I know something is wrong." I say to him as the other guards come in the room as well. "We just got word we are about to transfer upstairs that the war has ended." Donovan said. There was a look in his eye. I couldn't shake that he is keeping something from me.

About a half hour later Vincent my Father in law and Caleb walk through the door. They look like hell. I stay seated on the couch in the livingroom and wait for Vincenzo to come in. "We can transfer up now. It's safe and the compound is clear." Vincent says. "See honey everything is okay. Let's go up and get you a nice soothing bath." My mother in law talls me as she rubs my arms to comfort me. Dread.....Pure dread sets in. I can feel it...something is wrong horribly wrong. More of men and women pore in. Suddenly this big space seems to crowded. People from all of the families. Vincenzo's men that I have come to know and love. My father's men that have integrated with Vincenzo's men. My Grandfather's men who are also dear to my heart. So many important people and yet I'm missing three very important people.

"Where is Vincenzo? Where is my Father and Grandfather?" I ask looking around. Some faces go white with panic while others look down. "Sweetheart why don't we go upstairs and talk." Vincent says. "No sorry I can't. I promised Vincenzo I'd wait here for him and when he gets back he was going to kick everyone out so we can have a mini vaca." I replied. "I know but why don't we go up and talk. Okay Athena." Caleb says as he takes my hand to pull me to my feet.

I snatch my hand back. "NO!" I shouted. "I said I'm waiting for Cenzo." I yell. I can feel it. I feel death breathing on my neck as he laughs in my ear. "Babygirl my son..." Vincent chokes on his own words as tears roll from his eyes. He looks away from me and hugs Marcella for dear life. "Where is my husband? Where is my father and grandfather? Where is Vincenzo?" I ask as I hold my chest trying to stop the pain.

"Vincenzo is dead. I'm so sorry." Caleb said softly. " Your father is in our hospital wing fighting for his life and your Grandfather has been taken." Caleb explains. "No, your lying. I hate you Caleb. How can you be so cruel your my bestest friend. This is a sick cruel trick to play and I never want to speak to you again." I say anger dripping off my words. Tears flowing down my face.

"It's not a lie love. I know it's hard to believe but we all witnessed it. Nico shot him right in the back of the head. He was died. Your Grandfather took his pulse to confirm. That's when they took Philippe. "Nico said he wants you. He said if you want your grandfather to live then you come to him." Caleb said. "Where is Vincenzo's body?" I asked. "Nico took it as a trophy." Caleb said.

"What happened?" I asked. "Stephens set us up. Your Grandfather's personal guard he tipped Nico off to our plan and had us surrounded. We fought but everything went to shit. When Nico shot Vin in the back of the head and he dropped time stopped. Everyone stopped. I'm so sorry Athena, but this Nico guy wants you badly. " Caleb said.

"Well then I guess it's time I see an old friend about a debt he now has to pay." I say. "What old friend? What debt?" Marcella asked trying to compose herself. "My old friend Nico and the debt for killing my husband. For payment I will take his and Stephens souls. Time to pay the debt boys." I say.

I look around. "Get everyone into the meeting room in one hour the war is not over." I order. "No one takes what is mine!" I speak gravely.

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