My mom reacts to Hetalia!

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My book has 590+ reads and that's almost 600 so I'm doing a little 500+ reader special! My mom knows nothing about Hetalia so I got the pictures and showed them to her one by one and asked her to tell me what the first thing that pops into your head when you see them. I was very entertained with her answers and I think you will find these amusing. I used almost all the characters. Also, what I have in parenthesis is my thoughts. I also didn't give her any names until after she reacted.

America: Little warrior

England: Little Feminine

China: Emo

Russia: a Romantic

France: a Flirt

Italy: Fun

Germany: Look's kinda like a Nazi (Oh my gosh what the heck mom!?)

Japan: Is that a boy? They're giving me an asian impression

Austria: Scholar

Holy Roman Empire: a dictator

Hungary: authoritive

Belarus: Gives me a Goody-Goody impression (I don't know why she said that because Belarus was holding a knife...)

Ukraine: Farm girl with Ta-ta's (I kid you not. I am embarrased because of her)

Romano: Looks Italian

Prussia: Looks angry (Don't know why she said that. Might be the eyes)

Spain: a bad boy/mischievous

Canada: Lovey-wovey and looks cute

Cuba: looks like trouble

Denmark: a male Madonna

Iceland: depressing

Seychelles: Princess or a fairy

Korea: a drunk

Taiwan: flower child

Hong Kong: Brat

Norway: Creepy

Sweden: reminds me of Mary Poppins (Practically perfect in every way)

Finland: looks like a Pokemon character

Estonia: School boy

Latvia: Adorible

Lithuania: Teacher's pet

Liechtenstein: bland

Switzerland: Bratty

Poland: Has attitude

Turkey: Dirty kid

Egypt: Looks like a little wiseman

Greece: bashful

Sealand: Happy sailor

Grandpa Roman Empire: Little roman guy

Germania: Cheesy romance guys you see on those novels

Romania: Gives off a whatever impression

Australia: Fun guy to be around

Vietnam: Japanese princess

Cyprus: The fu*k? He looks sneaky

Ladonia: Goody-goody

Netherlands: Bad boy you'd like to know

New Zealand: Is that a boy or a girl? (That's a boy mom) That's a pretty dude (By pretty she meant beautiful dude)

Seborga: Cheerful

Wy: (SHE SAID, AND I QUOTE) She looks like a b*tch (THE FUDGE MOM?!)

I appologize if I did not get all the countries but I got this much! I hope you like it. I think my mom needs to lay off the Romantic novels. Wait, I can't say that because I read a lot of one shots, let alone write them... ANYWAY Remember to request and tell me how I do :3

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