Chapter 6 part 1: Advanced

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Okay so i wasn't actually finished with this chapter but I realize its been awhile since I last posted. So i am Splitting this chapter into two parts. Here is part one, its a little boring maybe but I figured something is better than nothing.

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Chapter 6- Part One: Advanced

"Elena, it is clear that you have much to learn. You need to control your abilities better. Outbursts like last night cannot happen here. I cannot endanger the students. I will meet with you every other day to practice and learn control. We will start today, meet me in front of this office at 6pm and I will show you to the room of requirement where we will be practicing. In the meantime, I expect you to try to the best of your ability to control yourself, especially in front of the other students. Furthermore, you should refrain from using your extra abilities outside of our practice. There are many eyes and ears here, I would prefer that Voldemort not learn the extent of your control over your abilities. To be frank, if he knew how little control you possessed he would see you as an easy target, which you are. "

I was sitting in my uncle's office as he lectured me about the gravity of the situation I had caused.  It was hard to see him in this light; serious, studious, responsible. Normally he was of the jolly sort, telling jokes and doing anything to cause a smile. I forced myself to smile in response to his words. I didn't want him to know how much his words hurt me. I didn't want him to feel pity. He needed to treat me as he did other students and I can't expect him to be my Uncle Albus, my friend, while I am here at Hogwarts.

"Now. On a lighter note, how are you feeling? Excited for your first day?"

I could only nod in return, maintaining the same halfhearted smile. Usually he would've picked up on my lack of enthusiasm, his mind must have been elsewhere. I watched him, he seemed pensive. He appeared more pensive than his line of questioning had warranted. I cleared my throat, in hopes of him returning from his thoughts.

"Right then. Here is your schedule, and a map. You have potions first in the dungeons."

He handed me two slips of parchment. I hastily examined my schedule for the day:

1st Period: Potions                            Snape                  

2nd Period: Ancient Runes             Babbling             

3rd Period: Arithmacy                      Vector                  

4th Period: Study Hall                      TBA                       

Potions and Ancient Runes in the same day? You have to be  kidding me.  

"I have asked Draco Malfoy to aid you in finding all of your classes today. He will be waiting for you downstairs to take you to Potions. "

I got up and trudged to the stairway which led out of his office..

"Oh and Elena... Please do try and stay out of trouble."

I sighed and headed down the stairs to find a smiling Draco.

He pulled me into a quick embrace.

'Morning Lena! Lets see that schedule of yours....'

I passed him the parchment and watched his eyes widen in shock.

"Lena, why in the world are you taking Ancient Runes? And arithmacy? Bah! Do you have a death wish? These classes are for advanced students, I had no idea ..."

He had no idea what? That I was smart? I started glaring at him.. he noticed my expression and began to back track.

" Woah I didn't mean anything by that. I know you're smart, I just didn't know you were so advanced."

I gave him the coldest glance I could muster. ' Uh huh. Lets get to class."

I started walking down the hallway. I don't know where I am going but I am sure as hell not just going to stand here... My thoughts were interrupted by a hand grabbing my arm.

I turned to see Draco, with the same goofy smile. "Actually Lena, the dungons are this way."

 I silently allowed him to lead me to the classroom but when we arrived I made a point not to sit next to him, but next to Blaise. I wasn't still mad about before, but I didn't want him to think he could get off that easily.

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