16th chapter

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Three days passed since Viktor left. Nora still had her mood swings, but anger was indeed prevailing. Each day without him was getting more and more strange as everything else was going on like usual. Nora and Jana would wake up in the morning, go for a walk, play, cook, and look for jobs for mommy. Nora could not help but feel sad and fearful about him leaving, but every time, it would all come down to the fact that it was his choice.

She heard the doorbell and thought it was probably Monika, confused why she was acting all nice ringing the doorbell. She opened the door and saw Vesna. Awkward. Both were silent and were just looking at each other for a second, a second that seemed a lot longer.

- You mind if I come in?

- No, of course. Excuse me – Nora let her pass.

Vesna walked into the apartment, took off her jacket and her shoes, and immediately sat on the floor beside Jana. She started baby-talking, squeezing her and playing with her, while Nora was not sure where to put herself.

- Maybe for a coffee or juice? – she went for a polite question you ask when you do not know what to say.

- No, thanks. I won't be long.

Vesna just glanced at her briefly and returned to playing with Jana.

Nora was standing in the kitchen, facing away from the living room where the two of them were playing on the floor, and she was holding back the laughter. Like, we're not going to mention anything? Really? Are we pretending everything is normal? Fine, let's see how that goes. Nora knew exactly what Vesna would say about a father abandoning his family. She knew her traditional stance about such behavior – you just don't do that, period. Whatever the reason. The only thing Nora was not sure about was whether this also applied if a father in question was her son. Maybe she doesn't know? Yeah, right, she probably helped him pack. Soon, Vesna got up and headed for the door. Again, Nora was not sure what to do, so she went after her.

- I just wanted to come and see you both. Take care.

- Of course, thank you for a visit – Nora said with a smile.

- Hell if I know, my daughter, what just happened – she continued quietly as she closed the door.

- Nana.

- Yes, your nana, I know, thanks for the info.

The visits started occurring every other day and were less and less courteous. Nora would offer Vesna coffee every time, but Vesna always refused. Nora expected them to be able to sit down and talk about the whole situation like two adults. But that did not happen, so Nora kept getting out of Vesna's way so she could play with Jana. She had no intention of affecting the relationship between them and Jana. Jana was their granddaughter, and they were her grandparents, forever. She remembered how special it was when her mom and dad were with Jana, and she was grateful for having those memories for the rest of her life.

- Daddy asks about you all the time, honey – Vesna said louder, obviously so that Nora could hear. She did hear, of course, but of all the ways Vesna could have mentioned Viktor, this one took her by surprise. Nora did not know why, but she did not expect it. Nevertheless, she did not react but just continued to peel the potatoes for lunch.

So, they are in touch. Unbelievable. And like Jana would be excited all day about dad asking about her – she's one, for God's sake, she doesn't get it. Why doesn't he call here? What an idiot, both him and that subtle mother of his. In a second, Nora became furious and felt the need to say a lot of things to Vesna, but she held it in. After all, it was not Vesna's fault. Those stupid remarks certainly did not help, but she was not to blame. And besides, Nora did not want Vesna to tell that jerk how crazy Nora had a fit at the mere mention of his name. Screw that asshole!

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