Chapter 6:

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Alexia's POV:

I woke up warm, and lying on a soft mattress. My cell was cold and my mattress was super uncomfortable... WHERE THE HELL AM I??? My eyes popped open and I was facing a wall of windows. I sat up quickly and winced as some of the band aids on my abdomen peeled away from my skin. Wait a minute- Wall of windows, bandaids...WHERE THE HELL AM I??? Oh no, what's going on? I started to panic and started breathing heavily. I looked around me and I realized I wasn't alone. A sleeping Beck sat next to me on the bed, papers spread across his lap with his head back against his headboard. His eyes were shut and he was snoring softly. I smiled at him and rolled over to face him.

He must have felt me move because his head snapped up and his eyes opened in alarm. he yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked around and his eyes finally drifted down to see me. He smiled softly.

"Well good morning sleeping beauty," he said grinning.

"Hi," i whispered, blushing in embarassment. I must have been sleeping for a while, it was now dark outside.

"How are you feeling?" He asked his eyes searching my face for any sign of pain or discomfort.

"Fine, a little stiff, but better than I have in a while," I replied honestly. He gave me a sad smile and looked away. I realized how close I was to him- I was practically curled up into him and almost touching, and shifted slightly away from him. I wasn't quite sure I was ready for that just yet. I wasn't even sure why I trusted him so entirely and why I was so comfortable around him. I figured it must have somehing to do with being his mate, but I still wasn't sure. Honestly, every instinct I had told me I should be very afraid of him and that I should run, run as far as I could.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"What? Oh.. nothing," I murmured. He raised an eyebrow as if he didn't believe me, but he didn't press me any further.

"So, we should talk...about things" Beck began slowly. I tried to push myself up so I was sitting upright, but I grimaced in pain as I felt some of my cuts reopen. They should have healed by now, but with my wolf MIA, I was healing at a rate closer to that of a regular human. Noticing my struggle, Beck reached over and placed his hands on my sides, I jumped at the sparks that erupted throughout my body, and helped me sit back against the headboard.

"Alright, what do you want to talk about?"

"Well, first I think you should see the pack doctor." I paled, and sat stock still. Please, no anything but the doctor. " I know, I know sweetheart you don't like the doctor. But it's ok I'll be there the whole time. Dr. Blake is very nice and it won't take long. You'll feel much better after I promise."

"Beck, I'm nervous.. I-I don't think I can do it..." I mumbled.

"Alexia, I know you can do this. Some of your cuts are too deep, they might not heal right, or worse could get infected. Dr. Blake can help. Please, for me" he asked his hands on either side of my face. His deep brown eyes pierced mine, and I shivered slightly. I found myself nodding and a wide grin spread across his face.

He stood up and led me to the door. We exited his room and were soon at the French doors again. He wasted no time, in pushing one open, but I froze again, panic gripping at me. I gasped and tugged on his hand. He turned to look at me, a confused look on his face, when I heard the voices drift up the stairwell. I started to back away- I couldn't do this, I wasn't ready for other people yet. I had been alone for so long...

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, I forgot," he apologized. Suddenly, the voices died down, and I knew everyone had been sent away again. He led me down the stairs to the second floor. The whole house was silent except for the padding of our feet against the hardwood floor. He stopped when we came to another set of French doors, that had the words 'Pack Doctor' written in red block print. He turned and flashed a reassuring smile at me before opening a door and ushered me inside.

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