Chapter Seventeen

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-wait. What did he say? ‘Vampires?’

‘Didn’t you notice?’ Alfie asked dryly. ‘I find that very hard to believe with the whole pale-ness thing going on. Even being in the same dorm room as another vampire. And yes, if you didn’t know, I am a vampire, too.’ Alfie’s voice became colder, and more sarcastic towards the end, and chills ran up my spine, cold and overwhelming like a tsunami.

Eric was a vampire? Alfie was a vampire?

‘Oh my G-god…’ I stuttered, and my eyes widened when Alfie turned to face me, his eyes flashing.

‘Are you afraid?’ He hissed from curled lips.

‘No!’ And, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t lying. ‘I’m… sh-shocked - I didn’t really believe in vampires before this but-’ But I it would be hypocritical of me not to believe in them when I believe in something as far-fetched as magic.

‘Really.’ Alfie said. Only he phrased it like a statement, not a question. ‘Why not?’

He didn’t believe me. He acted as if he was only asking to humour me. Or as if the resulting answer wouldn’t change anything; it was too late. He would eat me anyway.

The last thought had me scared where the unexpected revelation wouldn’t.

‘Why would you be angry if I was scared, anyway?’ I asked mildly. I didn’t think I was in the correct position, metaphorically and physically, to be asking questions; not when he had me backed up against the wall. Pardon the pun.

‘Because I am just so sick of the stereotypes you humans spring on us! I have enough self-control and morals not to just jump some person and suck them dry.  I’m not more likely to attack you than a human.’ He sounded frustrated and bitter, and my heart melted when he ran a hand through his chocolate coloured hair.

‘Hey,’ I said softly, and Alfie’s body relaxed. ‘I don’t believe that! I think you’re a nice person, and that’s not going to change because I find out something as petty as this!’

I couldn’t help feeling that I was lying. I did feel a bit different about him now, but not necessarily in a bad way.

‘Really.’ Alfie scoffed weakly. I brightened up, recognising some of his old self.

‘Yep! Seriously!’

‘Oh. Well.’ He grimaced, and ran a hand through his hair again, ‘Sorry for going all psycho vamp on you.’

‘No problem!’ I dismissed, and forced my heart rate to slow down.

‘Does this mean,’ Alfie blurted, ‘That if I didn’t tell you, things would have gone on normally?’

‘Like what?’

‘Don’t pretend, Eve. I know you’re going to start treating me differently now.’

‘No I’m not-’

‘Come on.’

‘I’m not!’

‘Yeah, sure.’

I sighed mock angrily and bumped against his arm, ‘You are so annoying.’

‘You’re worse.’

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