19. A win in the Court

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7 years Later.....

Author's POV:

" Mr. Roy has not only been involved in the corruption and misuse of his position of a political leader as he continued to support the huge chain of gangsters in afflicting attrocities on the villagers of the Arhad Village but also has been misleading the people in usage of their money and assaulting the tribals of the area.

The witnesses that I presented before you are only some of the many innocent victims that have been affected by unstopped mischief of Mr. Roy and his puppets.

As I have proven my point against him, I request you who are the hope of innocents and the knowledgeable of our Constitution, on the behalf of the villagers to grant justice to them and punish Mr. Roy for his deeds.

Thank you."

An eerie silence fell on the Courtroom as Aayat walked back to her bench after presenting her point in front of the judge sitting in the centre of the room. A triumphant smile plastered on Aayat's face as she looked at Mr.Roy the a middle aged, well know and corrupt politician against whom she was presenting the case as he eyed at her with rage filled eyes.
But Aayat knew that the rage in his eyes was just the reflection of the defeat she had just thrown on the face of him as she finally had succeeded in proving the accusation against him.

Aayat felt a squeeze on her shoulder from behind , upon turning she found Mrs. Aarti, one of the villagers who had lost his husband in the hands of Mr. Roy as he had challenged him that he will expose him. The lady who had tears in her eyes earned a squeeze on her hand which was placed on Aayat's shoulder by Aayat.

Aayat than turned ahead and looked at the judge as the judge finally started to grant his final verdict.

" In accordance will all the proofs and witnesses presented by Ms. Aayat Saeed on the behalf of the victims of Arhad Village, the court grants Mr. Roy with the punishment of lifetime jail as he had been proved to have committed crimes of Murder, Rape and corruption multiple times in accordance with the punishment laid by the criminal law.

The court is now dismissed."

The Judge got up and exited the room followed by Mr. Roy who was covered by policemen on both his sides, his continues stare didn't bother Aayat as the grin on her face broke into a whole hearted smile. The courtroom now broke into the noise as the villagers who were present in the court covered Aayat and engulfed her one by one while her assistants congratulated her.

"You have done a big favour on us Ms. Aayat . All of us will remain indebted to you forever." The quivering voice of Mrs. Aarti was followed by nod of everyone to which Aayat just shook her head and engulfed Aarti in a hug.

After a minute she broke the hug and said addressing to all in her sweet voice,

"You all should not be thanking me,
This case wasn't only important for you all but for me too as I understand that it is my duty to ensure no innocent suffers.
I had vowed to look after my brothers and sisters , to ensure that no one's rights were exploited and I was just ensuring my vow.

This is not the win of us but it's a win of justice against exploitation and I am grateful that I was a part of this."

Everyone again nodded and left after thanking Aayat for the last time. A content happiness was evident on Aayat's face as she now was collecting her files from the table while she continuously thanked Allah for another success in her mind.

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