chapter Four

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As the movie was going JJ looked at her phone smiling at a text from one of her co workers Emily. JJ had had a mager crunch on Emily since the two started working with each other but she wasnt sure how emily felt she opened up the text which read
Emily: Hey JJ I heared you got a little how is she when can I meet her.
Jj made fast at texting the woman back
JJ: Hey Em, yea I got her today shes already caused a little trouble but I think we are still getting used to each other. Yea you can meet her hows tomorrow sound.
She sent the text and looked down at Y/N who was watching the movie she kissed the girls head softly and watched to. About 5 minutes later her phone buzzed she looked at it smiling at the message she got.
Emily: yes babes I would love to meet her tomorrow sounds perfect.
JJ giggled she couldn't wait for Emily to meet Y/N she text Emily back.
JJ: that's good see you tomorrow then night night love you.
JJ sent the text before thinking she then realised what she did and bites her lip hopping Emily didnt mind. JJ went back to watching the film about half way through the film Y/N was fast asleep JJ tucked her into the bed and stood up turning off the tv she went into the bathroom washing her face and brushing her teeth before she climed into bed with the girl who snuggled up to her within minutes both mother and daughter were fast asleep wrapped up against each other.

The next morning Y/N woke up before JJ she looked over at the woman. She yawned sitting up she frowned looking down feeling her diaper wet but she was scared to wake JJ worried she would make her angry. The girl started to cry softly hoping she didnt wake the woman. JJ groaned a little hearing noises next to her she then hears Y/N crying softly she sat up quickly looking at the girl "baby what's wrong" she asked worried as she pulled the girl in close. Y/N jumped when JJ woke and started to cry more "I'm sorry I didnt mean to wake you up" she said as tears fall down her cheeks. JJ frowned holding the girl close "it's okay baby mommy doesn't mind" she said rocking the girl gentley in her arms. JJ held Y/N against her while she calmed down when the girl was calm the woman smiled "all better" she asked the small girl Y/N nods smiling a little. JJ smiled "good" she says, she then reached down feeling the girls wet diaper "oh dear" she said looking at the girl "someone needs a change she said sweetly Y/Ns lip started to quiver JJ watched her still smiling "it's okay monkey that's what a diapers for" she says picking the girl up and taking her to the nursery laying her on the changing table taking off the girls onesie and wet diaper JJ made fast work at getting her into a clean one she then put her in a onesie and diaper cover giggling at how cute she was she then sat the girl up brushing her hair before putting a bow in her hair. JJ couldnt help but smile at how cute her baby looked.

 JJ couldnt help but smile at how cute her baby looked

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(The outfit)

After JJ had gotten the girl ready she carried her downstairs smiling she would get dressed when they had had breakfast. JJ took Y/N to the kitchen sitting her in the high chair she then went to look for something to make for breakfast "what you want baby" she asked looking over at the small girl in the high chair Y/N thought for a couple minutes "pancakes" she says giggling softly. JJ nods making fast work at grabbing the ingredients and started to make the breakfast. Y/N sat watching the woman admiring the womans slim figure she sat staring at the woman in her own little world. Jj finished up the pancakes and placed it on the girls tray all chopped up she giggled as the girl seemed to be in her own little world "y/n" she called pulling the girl from her thoughts. Y/N smiled looking up "sorry," she says blushing JJ chuckles "dont think to hard your brain will hurt" she says laughing as the girl frowned  "meanie" Y/N says with a pout. JJ kissed the girls lips "stop being grumpy and eat up" she says Y/N nods and started to eat her pancakes as JJ grabs a coffee sitting at the counter next to the high chair. Y/N ate for a bit then looked at JJ "what we do today" she asked a mouth full if food. JJ frowned "bubs dont talk with your mouth full" she says Y/N nods "sorry" she said after swallowing the food. Jj smiled "it's okay, today one of mommy's friends Emily I'd coming over" she said watching the girl Y/N nodded "is she nice". JJ nods "yes baby emily is very nice and very hot" jj said muttering the last part so the girl couldnt hear. Once y/n was done with her food JJ grabs a cloth cleaning her up. Once the girl was mess free JJ carried her to the living room placing her in a play pen and turning on the tv "mommy's just gonna jump in a shower and get dressed you stay here okay," she says smiling Y/N nods as she was fixated on the tv. Jj giggled going upstairs.

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