Finland x Reader [Christmas Special]

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Since Christmas is in 2 days for me, on the 25th, all I could think about was Finland so I knew I had to make a one shot! Regular people try and catch Santa Clause. We try and catch Finland. Don't lie. I know you try and do that. ;3


"_____, is everything loaded up?" Finland asked.

You looked over the list, checked the slay and nodded.

"All ready." You straightened his hat and got him into the sleigh.

"Hey Sweden, got the reindeer in the harnesses?" He patted Donner's back which meant yes.

"Okay Finland I think you're ready to go."

"Thank's _____. I'll see you in a couple hours." He yanked on the reins and he was off.

You and Sweden went into the house. You ploppled on the couch exhausted and looked under the tree.

It was bare, but when Finland gets home is when the celebration will start.

"I... Am... Tired..." Was all you muttered when your eyelids started to droop and you couldn't keep them open any longer, and sleep washed over you.


Someone shaking your shoulder woke you up. You opened your eyes and Sweden was standing over you.

"Finland is home." He pointed to the window and Finland was walking towards the door will his bag.

He walked in and you went over and gave him a hug.

"Merry Christmas _____. I have a gift for you." He kneeled down and went through his bad, pulling out 2 presents. He handed one to Sweden, and one to you.

Sweden got a new pair of gloves. From the look on his face, you could tell he loved them.

When you opened yours there was a small black velvet box. When you opened it, your saw a locket. Inside was a picture of you and Finland. It was the first time you spent Christmas together.

"Awww Finland, I love it. Thank you." You gave him a peck on the cheek and motioned Sweden into the next room.

Finland stood there in confusion and you just giggled.

You and Sweden picked up two gifts each and went back into the room Finland was in.

"Merry Christmas." You handed Finland and Sweden a gift, and Sweden handed you and Finland a gift.

You opened your present from Sweden and got a $100 gift card for Ikea and so did Finland.

When Finland opened your gift, out jumped a white fluffy puppy and it started to lick his face.

"This puppy is adorible _____! Where did you get it?" He asked, rubbing noses with it.

"Well, a friend of mine was giving it away and couldn't keep it so I took it off her hands." You smiled and watched Sweden open his gift.

Your gift to him was a pillow with his flag on it.

He looked to you and nodded.

"Group hug!" Finland stood up and put his arms out.

You and Sweden stood up and hugged Finland at the same time.

"This was an awesome Christmas." You said into the space between you three.

"Hey _____?" Finland asked.


"Remember how America wanted to try and be Santa this year in his country?"


"Will you check to see how that worked out? I still have extra time so if he screwed up I can fix it." You laughed and dialed his number on a wall phone.

"Yo dude! What's up?" You heard America say on the other end of the line.

"Hey America. How did it work out for ya?"

"It was like awesome dude! I was the best Santa ever!" He yelled.

"Did you get hit in the head with a baseball bat?" You asked.

"Yep!" You sighed. Go figure.

"How many times?"

"11 times in Iowa, 4 times in Mississipi, 37 times in Montana, and 13 in North Dakota." He said.

"I can believe that."

"There was this brown haired girl in Missouri that kinda looked like China with his hairstyle and eyes and stuff. Anyway, she sicked her fat, orange and white, vicious cat on me. I have scratch marks where there shouldn't be scratch marks!" He yelled.

You laughed.

"It isn't funny! It hurts really bad!"

"Whatever America. I'll see you at the world meeting in a few weeks."

"See you then _____."

You hung up the phone.

"America didn't do a bad job. He will probably need to go to the doctor later but he'll be fine."

"Well that's a relief." Finland said, and crawled over by the fire.

"I'm going to bed." Sweden winked at you as he motioned to Finland and went off to his room.

You sat next to Finland and he put his arm around you.

"Thank you Finland." He started to kiss you and you kissed back. He tasted like ginger bread and candy canes.

You giggled and pulled away.

"I love you _____."

"I love you too Finland." You cuddled into his side. This was the best Christmas ever.


Before I say anything else I had to pull that Ikea joke. I hope you liked it! Like I said, for me since Christmas was 2 days away for me I had Finland on my mind. Remember to send in requests and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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