|| Chapter 3 ||

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~ Barry's POV ~  

{on the same day}

She wasn't supposed to find out that way, I'm such an idiot. I wish I could have told her when it happened. When I tried to go after her, Caitlin hold my wrist.

"No. Let her go, she needs a moment alone. And you're not getting away from what we were talking." she said crossing her arms. "Barry, I think we know why you are passing out." he said and Caitlin showed some chocolate bars. "You haven't been eating a lot. Your body starts to get weak and you faint. That's what has been happening to you!" she said in a worried tone and looking at me. "So, what, I need to eat 10 tacos per day?" I asked and when Cisco was about to say something, Joe entered.

Could my day get any worse?! 

"Detective West, what brings you to STAR Labs?" Dr. Wells asked. "When I couldn't found you in the Lab, I started doing a little research. Apparently, there has been a lot of reports of the streak around the city: stopping mugglers, saving people from fires..." he said looking straight at me. "You didn't tell him that you were working with us." Dr. Wells said in disbelief.

"Joe, I can explain." I said trying to explain myself why I didn't told him. "You already have work in law enforcement Barry. I suggest you get back to it." and then Joe and Dr. Wells were arguing. Great. 

 "Detective, we all want what's best for Barry." Dr. Wells said, trying to reason with him. "If you want's what best for Barry, you'd try to stop this lunacy not encouring him to risk his life." Joe snapped. I couldn't hear this anymore. I need to step in, "You saw a man who can control the weather! What the cops can do to stop that? Since the explosion in the Particle Accelerator, we expect that there are other like him." I said, trying to make Joe understand. "And you are going to do what? Stop them?! Are you insane? You think that running really fast makes you invincible?!" Joe said, crossing his arms. "You're just a kid, my kid." he said, making Dr. Wells look at him. He's going to pull that again?

I stood up and looked at him, straight in the eyes, "I'm not your kid, Joe. Nor my father. My father is sitting in Iron Heights, wrongfully convicted. You were wrong about him, and now you're wrong about this. I might not be able to help him now, but If I have a chance to save someone from a burning or stop some armed thieves, I'm gonna grab it." I snapped this time. "And you're not gonna stop me, so don't even try." I said in a angry tone. "Barry..." Wells said trying to calm me.

"No. You think you are so smart! All of you! But you don't know what you don't know. I really hope that you're clever enough to figure this out before someone gets killed." That's all he said before walking out.

{some time later}

I was now in my lab, working on the case when Joe came in. "Come to yell at me again..." I said trailing off. "Simon Stagg's head of the security was killed last night. They took some skin samples, hopefully belongs to the killer. See if you can find a match." he retorted.

"It can't be a coincidence that Stagg's benefit was attacked last night." I said. "I'm going to interview Stagg now." he informed me. "I'll come with you." I said but he said "Your job is up in here. Stay here and do it." he said in a harsh tone. 

When he walked out, Iris was coming in. "Hi dad." she said looking at Joe. "I love you. Gotta go." he said, exiting the lab. "Why my dad and Kate are mad at you?" she inquired me. "Work and some stuff." I said, lying to her. I need to talk to Kate later. "Why are you mad at me?" I asked, seeing the expression in her face. "You were supposed to meet me at Jitter's to give me some scientific back up for my article" she said looking at me and I sighed "and I didn't show up...".

"And now I have to come up with a new article in less than 24 hours or I fail the assignment!" she said in a worried tone. "Iris, I'm sor-" I tried to apologize but she cut me off. "Don't say you're sorry, okay, I know that you are. What I don't know it's what's wrong with you! We grew up on bedroom down from each other, do you honestly think that I wouldn't know when you're happy or sad or depressed or lost?" she asked me and continued "I'm going to ask you one last time Barry Allen and you better be honest with me about what the hell is happening to you." she said, waiting for a answer. 

I used my power and saw Iris froze. "You wanna know what's happening?!" I said, looking at her and moving fast at the same time. "I'm fast now!" I continued moving fast "God, I thought for a while that I was really in love with you but....I need to tell how I feel... Ho-How Kate makes me feel when she's around me. I moved and I was now in front of her. "But I can't, cause I might have screwed up my chance..." then I stopped and she was moving again.

My computer rang and I was relieved on the inside. Saved by the bell... 

"We're not done talking about this." she said, going behind me to see what was appearing on my computer. "That's impossible..." I said in disbelief, looking at the information. "There was a murder last night and these skin cells belong to the murder but these cell are naive. Stem cells that can replicate and become any cells the body needs. They only come from babies..." I trailed off. "So, what, our killer is a newborn?" she asked joking. "We'll see..." that's all I could say before I walked down to the stairs and see the detectives all crazy, running around.

"What's going on?" I asked trying to understand. "Not now, lab rat, an armed gunman's shooting up Stagg Industries." said an random officer that's passing by. "Joe's there" I muttered to myself. I used my super speed, grabbed my suit and sprinted to Stagg's Industries.


it's not a good day to be Barry Allen... MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!!!! 

I decided to make this in Barry's POV. I don't know if I'm going to put the other part today, but I'll try.

<3 <3 <3 U GUYS


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