(Rated R) I Saved The Alpha; Mate Me, Mate

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I Saved The Alpha : Mate Me, Mate.

"You know I would never force you," I murmured, gazing down at my beautiful mate. She wriggled beneath me, unknowingly sending a shot of heat straight down to my jeans as I felt myself stir.

"I didn't sound like that a few minutes ago," Ally teased, shifting her hips around. Only this time, it was a deliberate circular motion that I felt pressing against my crotch. My little minx of a mate knew what she was doing to me.

"I would never," I repeated. "I'd never forgive myself if I hurt you."

"You won't," Ally smiled. "I doubt you could be anything but gentle." I smirked at her misplaced thoughts. I could be anything but gentle a lot of the time, especially where she was concerned, but it wouldn't always be gentle. Right now, all I wanted to do was bury myself to the hilt, and smash into her until she was screaming my name to the heavens. This was my girl. I was absolutely going to make her mine in many different ways; I could show her so many positions and speeds. Tonight, though, would be all for her.

"I am going to fuck you Ally, and I can't promise that I'll be gentle once I finally get inside of you," I whispered, nipping on her ear lobe. She shivered bucking her hips into mine as she continued to grind against me. I let out a low growl as she added more pressure, moaning into my shoulder when I began to move against her.

"What if I don't want you to be gentle? I want you inside me Luke, so deep that I'll scream. But maybe first, I'll get to play a little bit. I've always wondered what you would taste like..." I moaned deeply from the back of my throat as I stiffened up even more from her dirty words.

God-dammit, I could see it. Her mouth trailing down my chest, below my hips, licking along my- God, I had to stop thinking about that or I'd be getting off on just a mental image.

Was I supposed to be this horny from just a few words?

I guess this was what mates were for.

"Ally, you're going to kill me," I groaned, feeling her little mouth trailing open mouthed kisses along my neck. I wasn't so sure where this confidence of hers came from, but man, I was not going to complain.

"You want to mate?" Ally asked, lowering her head to look up at me with wide, beautiful eyes. That was a pretty stupid question.


"You'll have to catch me first." And in a flash, my little mate was out from under me and sprinting out of the room.

If there was one thing that a male wolf loved, not to mention an alpha male, it was a chase.


I caught up with her just before the staircase, her perfect little ass moving as she squealed and attempted to run from me. I caught her, licking my lips at her lovely long legs, before I knocked her off of them and set off up the stairs three by three.

Ally squealed and squirmed, slapping my back in protest while also giggling as I continued without response to our bedroom. I was glad we didn't encounter anyone on our way there, because the huge tent in my pants would be a tad awkward to speak around.

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