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BJoo's POV

After our make out session we walked to a near by restaurant because we were kinda hungry. Hansol wanted to talk some more about hiding our new relationship and everything, like how to hide our feelings not going over board around the members and I agreed, but he was really sad that we weren't in the same dorm and again I agreed.

"How long have you liked me babe?" He asked.

"Uh probably when we first met or maybe a little while after that. I'm not 100% sure." I said.

"Oh so I liked you longer." He smirked.

"What you have?" I looked at him confused.

"Yup." He looked at me and smiled.

"How?" I asked.

"Didn't you use to work at that coffee shop down the street?" A coffee shop? Wait he knew me way before I knew him?

"Wait how long have you known me?" I chuckled a bit.

He looked hesitant, he didn't want to tell me he watched me from afar which is pretty cute if you ask me.  "Uh you looked really cute so I decide to watch from afar..." He blushed.  Awe he is so cute when he is embarrassed, oh wow he is blushing too and I just noticed.

"Awe Hannie that's so cute, but why haven't I seen you there!" I asked.

"I went there sometimes so you wouldn't think I'm a weirdo."  He said with a chuckle as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Haha you got that right. But you know if you just talked to me maybe I would've gave you my number." I said while smiling.

"Well I was scared and shy..." he admits looking down at his hands.

"Awe your so cute." I nudged him playfully.

"Not as cute as you." He nudged me back.

"Haha stop your going to make me blush." I blushed a little.

"I love it when you blush it's cute."  He is so sweet, I love it that he can just say anything to make me feel happy. I love him way too much to let him go.

"Oh shoot we're late to practice." I said while looking at my phone.

"Really?! Oh my yeah 30 minutes haha." He chuckles and stands up gathering our trash.

"Yeah we are going to get in trouble." I grumble a bit looking at the time again trying to calculate how we are gonna make it.

"You wanna go back?"  He asks with a sad tone and I looked up at him seeing the frown.

I sigh softly and pat his butt.  "Not really but we have to." I said sadly.

"Okay let's go."  He blushes from the acting only to smile after wards, but nods.

We payed for the dinner and walked back to the the company. I stopped him a bit as we walked out.  He turned towards me with a smile and holds my hand.  "What's wrong babe?" He asked curiously.

"We can't tell the members yet because.." I said a little sad.

He sighed and looked down nodding.  "Yeah I agree, they might not accept us being together."

I felt sad, what if the members don't like the fact we are dating? They might tell or they might hate us. I just hope if we tell them they won't be mad or make us leave the group. but them again I am very happy me and Hansol are dating. Dating...I never thought I would get to say that me and him are dating, its kinda like a dream come true just like TOPP DOGG.
"Do you think the members will be mad that we are late?" I said.

"Probably or they might just not notice we aren't there." He chuckled.

"Of course they would notice, I'm the main dancer anyway, well both of us are." He scoff and he laughs a bit.

"Yeah but sometimes when Jenissi is out I don't notice hehe." I laughed at him.

"That's so mean BJoo." He laughs and I laugh along with him as we walk back to the company hand in hand.

Xero POV

"Where the hell are they at?!" P-Goon gelled angrily.  His face was red and he was very pissed since practice is being delayed.

"Leader calm down I'm sure their on their way here." I said I reassure as I hold my phone close to me.

"You said that 45 minutes ago." He yelled in my face and I rolled my eyes moving away from him. 

"Yeah but I just texted BJoo he said they are one their way."  I reply back only to get an eye roll from him.

"Okay well they have to stay after." He sighed.

"Okay I will tell him." I say softly and look back at my phone, opening Bjoo and I's conversation.

-phone convo-

Sorry we are one out way up now
Okay but leader said you have to stay after...he is really mad.
Yeah I no thanks.
Btw where did u guys go anyway??
Ice cream, dinner
Oh...okay and did u get me smthin??
Jk BJoo lol.
Okay lol

-end of phone convo-

"Leader they're here." I said putting my phone away. I walked over to Jenissi and he looked at me with a worried look.

"Good." He said putting his hands on his hips.
I saw BJoo and Hansol walk in hand in hand. My eyes widened. They released hands, I guess they saw that I noticed.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THIS WHOLE TIME?!?!" Yelled P-Goon storming over to them.

"I'm sorry it's not BJoo's fault I dragged him with me to go out to eat, it will not happen again." said Hansol quickly pulling Bjoo behind him.

He looked sincere, but I feel like something happened between them and they are hiding it. They usually get back on time when they go out to eat and such but...I don't know.

"Well don't let it happen again, our showcase is soon and we need to practice, and your staying afterwards too." He said pointing at them.

"Okay." They said in unison and walked over to their spots to get ready for practice.

They looked at each other and smiled, something did happen and I want to know what. We started practice and I noticed Hansol was not very focused, he was focused on BJoo. Does Hansol like BJoo? No way he would. Hansol is straight but, they have been hanging around each other a lot lately but their just friends. I think I need to talk to Bjoo.

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