Sweetie i'm a FIGHTER and you ARE?..Epilogue

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Sweetie I’m a FIGHTER and you ARE?  Sequel to HONEY I KICK ASS I DON’T DANCE!!!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~********5YeArs LaTeR************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jamie’s POV:

“AKON! COME BACK HERE!” I yelled after the little dark boy, oh he’s in so much trouble.

“Ehehehe.” I heard him giggle from down stairs; I took hold of my brand new Pink blouse, which if I may add, was now stained with PURPLE PAINT! I despise purple with passion!

“Oh Akon when I get my hands on you…” I murmured, stomping down stairs, I looked in the living room and dining room. Nothing.

“Shhhhh.” I heard some hiss in the kitchen I slowly made my way into the kitchen; I looked around, checked in the refrigerator and closets, and nothing. I furrowed my eyebrows, where could that little monster possibly be hiding?

Suddenly a memory of Raven and I, at Akon’s age, hiding under the kitchen table while playing hid and seek with grandma.

I smirked, walking casually towards the table.

“Hmmmm, where in hell is he!” I said mocking irritation, I heard a muffled giggle, in a split second I bent down and took hold of a small dark hand under the kitchen table.

“Gocha!” I said in victory, pulling five year old Akon, form under the table, he giggled and tried wiggling himself out of my hold. I giggled evilly and started tickling him, forgetting all about my stained blouse. This child was just so cute!

“Jamie, Akon! What are you two doing on the floor?” My grandma asked a little shocked and amused, in a baby pink sundress, standing in the kitchen doorway. I burst out laughing while Akon just giggled, jumped up and running towards grandma.

“Love you gramie!” He said cheekily wrapping his small arms around her waist, giving her  nice tight hug. I couldn’t help but look at him in adoration, while my grandma did the same and hugged him back.

“I love you to sweetie.”

Grandma and I made eye contact and I could see joy and love in them, such a sweet child could bring so much joy into a family, and we’re not even his blood family at all, but he was ours none the less.

The little baby, Raven found in South Africa was a little boy, we found out that he was sick but luckily there was treatment, I’m not really sure what he had but all I know is that his cured. Raven and Seth argued for days about the child’s name, everyone was ready to kick them out of the base. One day I was babysitting little Akon, he was merely nine months old and I was listening to one of Akon’s songs Smack that featuring Eminem, I was playfully singing it to the little guy and he was enjoying it. He giggled like there was no tomorrow and when I said Akon he started clapping his chubby hands. That’s when I gave Raven and Seth the idea to name him Akon.

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