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set in 2020 ig idk any year would probably work but idk bruh

like i never imagined

coming out as bisexual was a huge shock to ethan. grayson liked to build, work out, and do everything the average straight man likes to do. but ethan didn't care, they had lots of lgbtq+ friends and the more ethan thought about it, the more he realised that grayson had probably been in one gay relationship or two.

it was already so hard coming to realise and be open about his sexuality, it was even harder to think about the fact that he was crushing on his brother. grayson loved the thought of being ethan's. it was gross but it was something grayson thought about everyday.

weird to think he spent years of dreaming about dating him and he could never come up with a way to tell him how he felt.

grayson couldn't take bottling his feelings up anymore, and he told ethan everything. when the feelings started, how he feels, what he wants.

ethan told him it was okay but he made sure it was clear the feelings weren't and never would be mutual.

it was crazy knowing he said those words that day but weeks later, he was in between grayson's legs on the kitchen counter, sucking face.

ethan had his hands all over him that night. all he felt was ethan's touch, his lips, and his body on his own.

it was satisfying really. daydreaming about these moments. waking up naked on your crush's bare chest. hearing him say his name like he always imagined. touching him like he always imagined. kissing him like he always imagined.

fucking him like he always imagined.

funny to see how he changed so fast in the heat of the moment.

heat of the moment?

that was what he said when they spoke the day after. told him it would never happen again.

but that was okay.

it's better off that way anyway

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