The doctor cut him off with a smile and said, "Mr. Styles, your mate is going to be alright," and nodded at him.

Harry looked at him for a moment then he sighed in relief and said, "Thank god but... that's it? Don't I have to take some medicine or something?"

The doctor took out the paper that had the omega's results then handed it to the alpha and said, "Your mate is pregnant but there might be a chance that it could be more than one baby since omegas tend to conceive more than one child at once. So congratulations on your babies, hopefully," and smiled at him.

Harry looked down at the results with his eyes popping out because he did not expect this at all and it took him by surprise. He said to himself mostly, "I'm going to be a dad like a dad with children and stuff," and looked at the doctor with his eyes still wide.

The doctor chuckled with a nod and said, "Yeah that's what dads are... with children and stuff," then shrugged with a smile and added, "Merry Christmas, Mr. Styles. It's the best news you could get on Christmas Eve, go and celebrate it with your mate. Do not let him drink alcohol, coffee, meat, fish, eggs, and soft cheeses but of course he shouldn't smoke either."

Harry took a pen and a small note to write down what the doctor was saying. He looked up at him when he was done and said with a breathless smile as the information finally hit him like a rock, "Thank you, Doctor, Merry Christmas indeed," then stood up taking the papers and said with a nod, "Have a nice day, bye," and left the room.

The alpha went to the car and kept the papers in the passenger seat next to him. The smile was stuck to his face like glue because he was going to be a dad soon and he just couldn't believe it. He made a promise to himself at that moment that he would do whatever it takes to make sure that his omega was taken care of and happy.

He turned on the radio and started driving off while singing along to the song happily while the wind was brushing through his long curls. It really was a good day and it wasn't even snowing in the morning so there was no traffic to worry about.

When he arrived, he got inside while looking through the papers which showed all the information about Louis' pregnancy. Louis was a few days pregnant and it means that he's almost a week pregnant.

How could Harry not have seen this coming? The answers were all right in front of him and now he knows why Louis smelt extra good lately.

"Harry?" Louis asked carefully as he made his way over to the alpha with a worried look on his face.

Harry looked up seeing that his omega was making his way over to him in only his cute cuddly pajamas that made him look like a tiny toddler. He smiled and said, "Happy birthday, my love," and held the back of his omega's head as he kissed his forehead softly.

The omega smiled as he leaned into his touch and said, "Thank you, I've missed you this morning, you've been gone for quite a while," then frowned as he hugged his alpha's waist and rested his head on his chest.

Harry smiled as he hugged him back and said quietly, "I'm sorry for being late, love. I had to wait until your name was called, thank god you weren't there or else you would have been tired of waiting," then added as he looked down at his baby, "What did you do today?"

Louis nodded with his eyes shut as he just stood there hugging his alpha because he just really missed how warm he is and he's been feeling cold lately without him around.

He then slowly pulled away to look up at him and said, "Turned out yesterday our Christmas break started so I didn't have to go to my cooking class anyway," and smiled as he added, "And today, I decorated the Christmas tree and got all the gifts that was from everyone under the tree then had breakfast because mom thinks that it would make me feel better but it just kind of doesn't, don't know why," and shrugged lightly.

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