nurse -randy

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third person pov

rye got hurt. a lot.

people hate him and he doesn't know why.

his family does. people at his school.

everyone hates him.

except brooklyn, and his boyfriend harper, and their boyfriend sonny.

those were the only three people.

they always asked him why he didn't fight back when he was clearly capable.

he just shrugged and never answered.

cause the truth was, his home life is shit.

yelling and hurting. and paintings upon skin. in blood.

there is another person he looked forward to going to school for though.

the new nurse.

andy fowler, 23, six years older then rye whos 17.

he's so kind and gentle.

rye loves and hates that.

cause see, he goes into this mindset where he's tiny. he sucks his thumb. he baby talks. he gets clingy and wants to be held and wants to drink his sippy and bottle.

and andy being so gentle with him, makes him slip even more into his headspace then he goes from the fighting.

see, andys good at hiding it.

he hides it around his family.

around everyone except brook, harper and jack.

he's too scared of what theyd do if  they found out.

and so this is the story of the day his life changed.

one day he was walking in the halls when it happened.

the guys jumped on him.

starting to beat the shit out of him.

brook, jack and harper all pulled them off of him.

while rye was getting chewed out by a teacher and simultaneously getting dragged to the nurses office.

once he was in the nurses office the teacher walked out.

rye was looking down.

he heard a sigh and then a soft voice.

"again baby?"

he nodded, eyes full of tears.

"oh sweetheart come here,"
andy said as he wrapped his arms around him.

rye hugged back but whines slightly as it hurt some of the bruises.

"cmere baby boy," andy said as he moved rye to sit down.

then he grabbed the bottom of his shirt looking at him for permission to take it off.

rye hesitantly nodded.

andy pulled it off,
gasping when he saw th e bruises.

"oh sweetie..." he said softly.

making rye softly whine as he was going tinier.

andy bandaged him and looked up at him.

"sowwy..."  rye mumbled.

"why baby?" andy asked, quickly realizing he was little.

rye shrugged and put his thumb to his mouth before realizing what he was doing and stopped.

andy pulled out a paci from a drawer.

he popped it in his mouth.

"there baby boy," he said softly as he pulled him in his lap.

part two?

also um i kinda really want a paci... 🥺👉👈

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