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You, Steve and the party were having a pretty relaxed day. All of you decided to eat lunch at Steve's house and then you guys would watch a movies all together. Steve realized that he didn't have any snacks or drinks for the movie day they were about to have. So he decided he would run to Melvald's by himself. That left you to cook for the party.

Steve left and you put frozen pizzas in the oven for lunch. Those pizzas were soon forgotten about as you were rough housing with the party. It wasn't until the smell of something burning that you remembered that you had the oven on at all. You quickly stood up from under the dog pile of teenagers that were on top of you and you ran to the kitchen mumbling curse words underneath your breath.

You opened the oven and noticed that a very small fire had started in the middle of one of the pizzas. You pulled it out and all of the kids were surrounding you.

"Holy shit!" You rolled your eyes at Dustin and Lucas poured his cup of water on the pizza which put the fire out. You sighed of relief and mumbled a thank you to Lucas. Then you heard the door opened and started to panic again, you didn't have enough time to try and clear some of the smoke out so Steve's house was still very smokey. Steve walked up to his table and set his bags down and placed his hands on his hips.

"So, does anyone wanna tell what the hell happened? I was gone for 30 minutes and you guys filled my house with smoke. So c'mon explain yourselves." He was pulling his "Mama Steve" shit, unintentionally of course.

"Well, Y/n put pizzas in the oven for us for lunch, and then we started play fighting with her and somehow she ended up on the bottom of our dog pile. Then she opened the oven and Lucas put the fire out with his glass of water and now we're here with you looking upset." Mike didn't even get to take a breath before Steve was jumping down his throat.

"There was a fucking fire? I was gone for 30 minutes!" You took this as your chance to defend yourself.

"Steve, in my defense, it was a small fire on one of the pizzas and Lucas is a quick thinker and he basically saved our lives so I think we should all thank him for that." You folded your arms across your chest. Steve looked at you in disbelief. You made sandwiches for the kids and told them to go eat in Steve's living room while you and Steve quietly bickered back and forth in his kitchen. Max rolled her eyes as she looked at her friends.

"They're like an old married couple except they aren't dating." She threw her hands up in the air out of frustration.

"Maybe if they were they'd quit fighting. Plus we'd have Steve as our mom and Y/n as our dad." Dustin said with his mouth full of the sandwich you made. He went to get a drink of water and could still hear you and Steve bickering.

"You guys should just date already, you already fight like a married couple." Steve flicked Dustin on the forehead.

"We're just friends." You scoffed at Steve's response. He turned to look at you.

"Oh so I guess you kiss all your 'friends' goodnight and sneak into their room after the party leaves?" You walked out the kitchen, leaving Dustin and Steve standing in the kitchen. Dustin was shocked and Steve was kinda shocked too.

"Wait what!?" Dustin looked at Steve still shocked by what you had just said. Steve went to follow you and saw that you were outside. You were sitting on the edge of his pool, letting your feet dangle in the water. He came and sat by you.

"I'm sorry about the fire." Steve wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

"It's fine, I'm sorry for freaking out about it." You leaned into his side.

"It's fine." You both sat in silence for a minute.

"I'm sorry for not taking us seriously. I'm just scared because I was serious about Nancy but she was serious about Jonathan. I do really like you like a lot. I want to be serious about you though." You smiled and felt relieved at what he said.

"Let's get serious then." You looked up at him and pressed a small kiss to his lips. You both sat in a comfortable silence again. Until you heard rustling and the sound of a camera clicking. You turned and saw Will holding the camera that Jonathan got him. You got up with Steve and decided to finally watch movies with the party. Despite the fire, today was a pretty good day.

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