2. Ambassadors

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The position of hostess of the tower wasn't a particularly difficult job to do, her obligations consisted of doing presence whenever an official event took place at the tower, of course stoping Arwin when he tried to kill somebody for little things and being a good wife, anyway her real job as a writer consumed all her time already so it's not like she could do more about it.

But there was an especific day when Latte had to fulfill her 3 jobs as the hostess. It was on Irene's night, some ambassadors of another continent's tower of magic came to the tower due to magic issues needing the asesorment of Arwin. Latte was getting ready when they got the announcement, so the two of them went to welcome the visitors.

The group of ambassadors was conformed by two tall and handsome man, they weren't as handsome as Arwin was but they surpassed the media of the common. One had pretty blue eyes and white hair while the other one had the blackish eyes latte have ever seen and red hair. One thing was sure about them, they didn't know how posesive about his wife was the tower master.

The moment Arwin and latte arrived at the reception the two ambassadors greet them and before talking about the problem that bring them there they started praising Latte

"How beautiful is the hostess of the tower, such a hair isn't common in our continent" the one with blue eyes said.

'this disaster isn't common anywhere' Latte thought but still smile and thank them. Arwin wasn't happy about the comments but didn't say anything because he thought the attention over Latte was over.

"Yes, the tower master is very fortunate" with that comment Latte started to get worried, so she immediately hold Arwin's hand before thank them again.

Again Arwin stayed superficially calm, but it was only because they were saying true things, he was fortunate, and Latte was obviously trying to keep him in line, so he decided not to kill them for the comments and before they could say anything else he started talking about the problem so they had to start working on that.

After the situation concluded Arwin approached Latte "Now we can go"

"Oh are you going out tonight? We really would like to see the place, we've never been here before. I think the hostess would be and excellent guide" The one with black eyes approached to Latte

Latte looked him carefully the situation was starting to get dangerous. Then she looked at Arwin whose eyes were burning in red, she knew that look

"Sure you can go" Arwin started to speak "just not with her"

"Oh, did I do anything wrong? I just really want to get close to the hostess I'm pretty sure you wouldn't mind since hostess it's always decided by political matter never involving love" oh this guy seriously wants to die. But that was confusing, were all the tower master married by power or influence? She didn't know that, Arwin never talked about such a thing.

Latte was still holding Arwin's hand deep in her thoughts when she heard the one with blue eyes talk

"Well it's not like the hostess position mean a lot, so you can just lend her to us for one night, right if the lady agrees" he said that last thing looking right into Lattes eyes, then she began to understand the situation

'What is this people...?! Why would they say something like that?! They don't know anything about Arwin?'

Arwin was quiet, silent, and that scared Latte 'what is he planning to do'?

He finally started talking.

"So you two" Arwin got close to them "bastards" continue to look into them, Latte tried really hard to keep Arwin where he was but she didn't had that much of a strength. "You think you can try to take what is mine?"

The tower began to shake. That was bad, really bad.

"Dear" Latte got into Arwin's view "don't destroy the tower that would be problematic"

"Oh, it's true" Arwin said after a moment as he saw Latte, he did know that she didn't liked it when he killed people, and Arwin always tried to keep his wife happy, but that thing, he just couldn't ignore that situation.

While Arwin was still in his thoughts the ambassadors we're scared like little puppys in silence, they didn't know how things would change between continents, but they didn't listen to that talk when they were home, the didn't thought it was necessary.

"You guys look disgusting" Arwin grabbed Latte's waist. "I should really do something about it" he paused for a moment. "I got it"

Arwin pointed them and the blue magic came from his free hand and in seconds the two ambassadors we're converted into the most decrepit old man Latte have ever seen even Arabrook wasn't this bad looking. "good luck trying to fix that" Arwin smiled, that sharp smile that latte knew well, she sighed 'at least he didn't kill them, that's a thing'

When Latte and Arwin finally got out of the tower she was relieved.

"Should I hide you from now on dear costumer?"
"I'm the only one who can see that odd face, maybe that was the reason, your looking is just too odd today"
"Maybe I should try harder then, make that odd appearance better"

Latte would never have enough of Arwin's jealousy, sometimes she did love seeing him like that.

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