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At first, (YN) wasn't sure what to do about her wavering faith. She didn't confide in anyone about her internal struggle, but at least Persephone wasn't lying about saying Hypnos would help. The nightmares were gone and the in between was gone from her dreams. That was one less problem she had to worry about.

It took her a few weeks to figure out how she wanted to process everything and work it out for herself, but it hit her when she was sitting on the steps of Hamada Hall, waiting for Tadashi and Hiro and playing around on her laptop. She looked up and saw the perfect angle of the scenery and it all just clicked. Inspiration had struck her and she immediately opened up a Word document and began typing away.

She didn't stop for hours. She lost track of time and just continued typing away, not stopping. After about five hours, Tadashi sat next to her on the steps and handed her a box of sushi.

"Have you eaten today?" Tadashi asked.

(YN) looked up, unsure of if she had. She furrowed her brows as she thought about it and Tadashi laughed. "I think I had breakfast?" (YN) said. "Pretty sure I had breakfast."

Tadashi just laughed some more. "Are you sure?"

"Shut up, you're making me doubt myself," (YN) said playfully. Tadashi chuckled and kissed her cheek. "Yes, I did, because as I was leaving Cass just made her first batch of cronuts like, ever, and wanted me to try one. But thank you for making sure I don't skip a meal or two today."

"It's almost two. Hiro should be here any second, he went to the other end of campus for food," Tadashi said. "You like that kind, right?"

"Hell yeah I like this kind," (YN) said as she closed her laptop, used it as a table, and opened the box. "Tadashi Hamada, you're my hero," she teased.

He snorted as he ate one of his own pieces. "Yeah, I know."

"Is it weird having a building named after you?" (YN) asked. "And is it even weirder having lunch on the steps of it?"

"Extremely," Tadashi confirmed. "But it also does wonders for my ego, so I can't really complain about it being weird."

(YN) rolled her eyes. "Yeah, 'cause that's exactly what you need."

"I bet it's weird to be dating somebody who has a building named after them," Tadashi said.

"Well, I mean, you're a weird little nerd, so I'm used to it," (YN) said with a shrug and a smirk.

Tadashi gasped and made an exaggerated hurt expression at (YN). "You insult me."

(YN) just giggled and kissed Tadashi's nose. "You're not helping your case."

Tadashi cupped (YN)'s face with his hands and kissed her; they were both smiling into the kiss. Before it could advance much further, they felt something hitting their face. They pulled away to see that it was a French fry.

"Get a room, losers," Hiro teased. He sat on the steps with Tadashi and (YN).

"Well look who decided to join us," Tadashi said as he ruffled Hiro's hair. "It's okay, Hiro. One day, you'll understand. Probably soon."

"Baymax already gave me the whole puberty talk, but thanks," Hiro said as he rolled his eyes and bit into his burger.

"So what are you working on?" Tadashi asked, pointing to her laptop. "You seemed really into whatever it was you were doing."

"Just a new screenplay," (YN) said. "I've made a lot of progress and I just started today. I'm excited. I think you'll like it."

"What's it about?" Hiro asked.

"It's a true story, but when it's done, you're the only ones who will know that," (YN) answered. "But it's basically about our time in the in between."

Tadashi's eyes widened. "(YN), that's genius! You could probably go to Hollywood with that," Tadashi said.

"If that were a movie, I'd go see it," Hiro affirmed. "Seriously."

"Thanks," (YN) said. "I'm workin' on it."

"Can I see it?" Tadashi asked. (YN) nodded and set her sushi aside so she could hand Tadashi her laptop. Tadashi also set his food aside, but reached down for it occasionally as he read the script. Hiro had moved so he could read it with Tadashi.

"You changed our names?" Hiro asked.

"Since I'm not trying to sell it as a true story, yeah," (YN) said. "It makes it easier for me to kind of detach myself from it, too. But it's been really therapeutic so far, surprisingly."

"Oh, I bet," Tadashi said. "What with processing and all that. It's beautiful, (YN). Keep it up."

"Are you writing it exactly as it happened or are you going to change anything?" Hiro asked.

"I think I'm gonna keep it all the same," (YN) said. "I don't think it calls for any dramatizations or anything."

"Can I request that that guy from The Last Samurai plays Tadashi if this gets to Hollywood?" Hiro asked. "Because he was a total bad-ass."

Tadashi sighed. "Please tell me you don't mean Tom Cruise. And watch your mouth."

"No, not Tom Cruise," Hiro corrected. (YN) shook her head at their antics. Hiro soon finished his burger and said he'd meet Tadashi back in the lab, so Tadashi and (YN) nodded him off. Tadashi handed the laptop back to (YN), who opened it back up to begin working again while she spoke with Tadashi.

"Please remember to take breaks sometimes," Tadashi said as he wrapped an arm around her and planted a kiss to her temple. "I know when you get in the zone it can be hard, but you gotta take care of yourself, alright?"

"Alright, alright," (YN) said with a smile.

"I'll send Baymax out here on you, I mean it," Tadashi threatened with a grin.

(YN) chuckled. "I'll swing by the lab in a couple of hours if it makes you feel any better so you know I'm not like, drowning myself in a screenplay out here."

"If you want, yeah," Tadashi said. "I wouldn't mind that." He checked his watch. "I gotta get back. I'll see you later," he said. He pressed his lips to (YN)'s for a quick kiss before getting up and slinging his bag back over his shoulder. "Love you!"

"Love you too, nerd!" (YN) affectionately called out. Tadashi turned and walked backwards for a brief moment to give (YN) a comical frown before they both burst out laughing.

(YN) had never been happier. Neither had Tadashi.

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