Your Ages and your job!

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Angel Reyes: Angel is 36 and your 31, your a nurse at the hospital!
Che Taza Romero: Taza is 47 and your 34, your a hairdresser!
Ezekiel Reyes: Ez is 31 and your 25, your job is a bartender at the clubhouse!
Gilberto Gilly Lopez: Gilly is 38 and your 29, you a waitress!
Hank El Tranq Loza: Hank is 40 and your 33, your a school teacher!
Johnny Coco Cruz: Coco is 36 and your 33, you are a surgeon!
Michael Riz Ariza: Riz is 40 and your 32, your a office manager at the garage!
Miguel Galindo: Miguel is 42, your 36, your his secretary!
Neron Creeper Vargas: Creeper is 37 and your 30, your a tattoo artist!
Nestor Oceteva: Nestor is 43 and your 41, your Emily's partner!
Obispo Bishop Losa: Bishop is 45 and your 31, your a owner of  a well known clothing store!
Marcus Álvarez: Marcus is 46 and your 39, your his three kids babysitter!

The next one will be a chapter with one of the Mayans members and a reader!!

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