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Tadashi and (YN) picked up their prescription that Dr. Ashling had written them up the following day. The Prazosin was working and as the nights went on, it was working increasingly well. While (YN) and Tadashi still dreamed of the in between, it wasn't as graphic. Tadashi didn't dream about killing the kids anymore or seeing their strange, glowing eyes. (YN) no longer dreamed of the part where Janine was killed, but just the part where she was spared.

(YN) and Tadashi both noticed a strange addition to their dreams, however; it was never anything prominent or pressing. It was never anything that took charge of the dream or drove the way they played out, but was always just there lingering in the background.

It wasn't quite a human nor angel; it was what could be best described as a winged daemon from Greek mythologies. Even though they didn't really talk about it with each other, Tadashi and (YN) both found it most peculiar that the winged daemon was always the same and always lingering there. They both found out they were both seeing it in an appointment with Dr. Ashling, who said it was probably just a symbol of how in touch they were becoming with San Fransokyo now that they were alive again; neither of them really bought it, but didn't question it further. It had put (YN) on edge as the weeks went on; something wasn't quite right and she knew it.

After another appointment with Dr. Ashling, Baymax came along. Tadashi wanted to see how Baymax would interact with a doctor and if they would contradict each other and see who would give better advice; Tadashi and (YN) were both betting that Baymax would.

When they returned home, Baymax said something that alarmed both of them.

"My scanners did not pick up an identity for Dr. Ashling," Baymax said.

"What?" Tadashi asked.

"I scanned your therapist during your appointment," Baymax said. "No information for him came up as a result."

"That's weird," (YN) said. "This whole thing is weird."

"Maybe it's just a glitch," Tadashi said.

"Has this ever happened before?" (YN) asked.

Tadashi shook his head. "No."

"Then it's probably not a glitch. I've been thinking there's something weird with Ashling for a while now," (YN) said.

"(YN), what's wrong?" Tadashi asked calmly as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "You've been really on edge lately. I'm here to help you. I want to help you."

"I don't know what to even believe anymore," (YN) revealed. "I don't. My whole life I believed that things were a certain way and then that idea just gets thrown out the window. We met a friggin' Goddess, Tadashi, and we didn't even know it was her right away. What if other people around us are like that to? What if some lady at the cafe or some random dude you bump into at SFIT or our thera--"

(YN) gasped as her eyes widened. She grabbed Tadashi's hands and dragged him off to his desk.

"--our therapist!" She exclaimed. "Oh my God! I didn't even realize it!"

Tadashi furrowed his brows. "You think Dr. Ashling is a Greek God?" He didn't ask her accusingly, but curiously.

"Oh my God, I'm sure of it!" (YN) said. She turned on the monitor, opened the Internet browser, and searched him on Google. "Look. No results for a therapist named Dr. Ashling in the San Fransokyo area," (YN) said. "And Baymax didn't find anything on him on the scanner. And not to mention that he said he had heard about that in between place, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember that," Tadashi said.

"So we're the first people to have left the in between," (YN) recalled. "So how has Dr. Ashling heard of it unless he knows Persephone or something?"

Tadashi's eyes widened. "Oh my God. You're right. Have your dreams been weird since we started seeing him?"

"Yeah, they've been odd," (YN) confirmed.

"I'm gonna take the meds he gave us to Honey Lemon. Maybe she can break it down for us," Tadashi said.

"Good idea," (YN) said. "I have a theory but if we find out what's in those meds I can confirm it."

"Who do you think it is?" Tadashi asked.

(YN) pulled the Greek god up on Google. "Morpheus. God of dreams. He can form himself into any human and can enter dreams and mess with them. I wonder if those meds have anything to do with it. I bet they do, especially if he's the god of dreams and he's giving us a glorified sleeping pill."

"It could be his way in," Tadashi said. He squeezed (YN)'s hand and kissed her forehead. "We'll figure this out. But I think you're totally right."

(YN) smiled widely at him. "I'm just glad you don't think I'm crazy."

"Not crazy," Tadashi said with a smile. "Brilliant."

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