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A/N: This chapter is like at least 95% fluff. I'd apologize but I'm not even remotely sorry. *Eric Cartman voice* Whatever, I do what I want.

Tadashi pulled up to the lab at SFIT and nearly dragged (YN) in like an over-excited child. (YN) couldn't help but smile.

When they got to the lab, Hiro was standing there looking proud and smug. Tadashi and (YN) both gasped at the incredible sight before them.

"Who wants to go first?" Hiro asked. Tadashi looked to (YN) and urged her to go ahead.

Hiro showed (YN) how to put on the incredible suit that was made just for her. It was sleek and light for hand-to-hand combat (in case she ever joined them on a case) and was compatible with Baymax's suit to go flying with. The armor itself was reflective and her two favorite colors.

Tadashi put his on next; it looked similar to (YN)'s and was a pale seafoam green and pale yellow with the same combatibility for Baymax's suit. It also had a pad on one of the forearms to interact with Baymax even from far distances.

"Hiro, these are incredible!" (YN) exclaimed when they were both dressed. She gave Hiro a huge hug and he laughed.

"Take 'em out for a test flight," Hiro said. "Date night on me. You're welcome."

Tadashi chuckled and ruffled his little brother's floppy hair. "Thanks, Hiro."

"Have him back by eleven!" Hiro demanded, referring to Baymax, which got a laugh out of (YN) and Tadashi.

Flying on Baymax was exhilirating. (YN) couldn't believe it and the view of the city was breathtaking. After flying around and seeing the city in the best way possible, Baymax took them out to a zeppelin by the Golden Gate Bridge.

(YN) and Tadashi sat on top of the zeppelin and enjoyed the view of the city from above the bridge. They could see the bridge below them to their right and the entire city looked like a painting, with the sun setting in the distance and the lights of all the high-rises and skyscrapers and businesses starting to turn on. A light fog crept over the bay beneath the bridge and was accompanied by a warm breeze. They had both taken off their helmets and enjoyed the warm breeze in their hair.

Tadashi wrapped his arms around (YN) from behind her - she was sitting between his legs - and she leaned back into him as he did this. Tadashi smiled as he buried his face in her shoulder and he left soft kisses where her (SC) skin was exposed on her neck by her ear. (YN) smiled and blushed a bit at the feeling and placed her hands over Tadashi's, lacing their fingers.

"I don't want this night to end," (YN) said as the stars began to shine and the sun was no longer visible, but the pinks and oranges of its setting still lingered along the new dark blues and purples of the sky that began to emerge.

"Me neither," Tadashi said between kisses. As (YN) was looking out at the view before them, he was looking at her. He couldn't help it; he thought she was beautiful.

(YN) looked over to Tadashi and smiled at him; he had only seen her smile this brightly when they first came to San Fransokyo and shared their first kiss. This smile, however, was softer.

(YN) noticed for the first time how long Tadashi's eyelashes were and the way the light hit his light brown eyes.

Tadashi moved one of his hands - it was warm and soft - to (YN)'s face and kissed her with such a passion that she could hardly believe it was happening. She shifted a bit and reciprocated the kiss with an equal fervor and Tadashi could feel her smile into the kiss. His other hand wrapped around her body; it gripped at her side before reaching her back. Tadashi pulled (YN) closer to him as his hand splayed across her back. (YN) deepend the kiss even further by wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him closer yet as her hands tangled in his dark, messy locks. She was careful to not touch a small burn mark on his neck in fear of irritating it.

(YN) felt Tadashi's nose slightly graze against hers as his hand on her face moved down to her neck, but was still close to her jawline. He tugged on her bottom lip for a brief moment before slipping his tongue into her mouth. When (YN)'s tongue did the same to Tadashi, she could hear him very softly moan as he pulled her even closer to him; she hadn't thought it possible for them to get much closer. (YN) could feel her heart rate increasing as they kissed.

They pulled away at the same time, both of them in desperate need for air. Tadashi rested his forehead against (YN)'s and ran a hand through her hair. As Tadashi kissed (YN) again, they were reminded of Baymax's presence.

"Tadashi, I have noticed an increased amount of blood flow to yo-"

Tadashi groaned as he pulled away. "I know, Baymax, I know." Baymax stopped talking. Tadashi's cheeks had ruddied up and as (YN) giggled, he buried his face in her shoulder. "How embarrassing. I'm so sorry, that wasn't my intention, I-"

"Tadashi, it's fine," (YN) interrupted. She kissed the top of his head; Tadashi looked up at her. "It happens. Don't worry about it," (YN) said.

Tadashi smiled, cupped (YN)'s chin, and left her a soft, quick kiss on her lips. "I'm really glad I met you," Tadashi said.

(YN) beamed at him. "I'm really glad I met you, too."

They sat like that for a few hours, just cuddling on the zeppelin and stealing kisses and looking out at the San Fransokyo skyline. When it grew late, they knew they had to bring Baymax back so he could charge up. They dropped him off at Hiro's lab and then rode Tadashi's bike back to the apartment.

"Best date ever," (YN) said to Tadashi as they went up to his room. She pecked him on the cheek before changing into sweatpants and a tank. "Thank you."

Tadashi chuckled and stripped of his shirt. When he turned around to grab some sweatpants of his own, (YN) noticed some third degree burn scars on his back from the fire. (YN) could tell that he had been treating them with antibiotic creams, but one part where he couldn't reach was visibly more dry and leathery. Tadashi began to apply some to his back - (YN) wasn't sure how she never noticed this before - and she saw him struggling to reach.

She approached him, put some of the ointment on her fingers, and carefully applied it for him. "You should have told me sooner," (YN) said. "I would have helped."

Tadashi smiled softly. "I didn't want to bug you."

(YN) chuckled softly. "Nothing you could do would bug me, Tadashi."

His smile grew. "Thanks, (YN)." He applied some to the burns on his arms that she knew existed. "I really appreciate it."

"It's the least I could do," she said.

When she finished, Tadashi threw an old t-shirt on as to not get the ointment all over the sheets and crawled into bed with (YN). He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. He closed his eyes and hummed in content as he buried his face in her hair. "I love you," he blurted, not even realizing he had said it out loud until it was too late. His eyes opened and widened, feeling slightly terrified for a brief moment.

"I love you too," (YN) said to Tadashi. His terror washed away when she said that without hesitation.

Neither of them had nightmares that night.

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