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Tadashi was helping Hiro with his class project a few weeks later when (YN) found the flyer. She was filming some things for her film and she saw it taped to a window of a sushi shop.

'Dr. Ashling, PhD. Therapist specializing in PTSD and general trauma. No judgmental and 100% confidential regardless of circumstance. Can do couples appointments upon request.' The flyer also had his phone number and office location to make an appointment.

When Tadashi returned, he agreed that they should at least give it a try. They made a couples appointment to go together - they thought they may have strength in numbers so Dr. Ashling wouldn't find them crazy - and walked in hand in hand.

Dr. Ashling's office consisted of a lot of light blue and lavender hues. The room smelled of cedar and he kept a lot of Grecian urns with jasmine flowers inside around the room.

"You must be Tadashi and (YN)," Dr. Ashling said. His voice was low and honeyed. "Have a seat on the couch."

Dr. Ashling sat in a blue chair directly across from the couch. He was a tall, thin man with a strong jawline and light blue eyes. His hair was so blonde that one could hardly see his brows or goatee against his skin. He wore a casual blue suit that Tadashi and (YN) thought was tacky.

"So, nightmares. Where have they been stemming from?"

Tadashi and (YN) looked to each other. "Well," (YN) spoke up, "you may not believe us if we told you."

"Try me," Dr. Ashling said with a light smirk. He leaned back in his chair and crossed one leg over the other. "I've heard all sorts of things."

And so Tadashi and (YN) explained the in between to him as best as they could, how they met there, and how that was where they escaped from after dying.

"Ah, the in between," Dr. Ashling said nonchalantly. "I believe I've heard of it. Don't worry, I don't think you're crazy."

"You... You don't?" Tadashi asked. They were both quite surprised.

"Not in the slightest," Dr. Ashling said. "Besides, it's not my job to cast judgement. It's my job to help you cope. What's been your biggest symptom that you've noticed?"

"Nightmares," (YN) said. "Mostly nightmares."

"Same for me," Tadashi said.

"Have you spoken with each other about your nightmares of the in between?" Dr. Ashling asked. Tadashi and (YN) nodded. Dr. Ashling then asked, "Are your nightmares the same as each other's?"

"Sometimes the subject matter is a bit similar but for the most part, no," (YN) said.

"So Tadashi, let's start with you," Dr. Ashling said. "What do you dream about?"

"The kids, for the most part," Tadashi said. "Like, ninety-nine percent of the time. I can't help but feel like there was another way to stop it."

"It's good that you're in touch with how you're feeling about the situation," Dr. Ashling said. "Do you feel anything other than guilt?"

Tadashi thought for a moment. "That's mainly it," he decided. "I mean, they're all dead. They were just a bunch of kids, regardless of how... how altered they may have been. I'm glad we're alive but there had to have been another way than the droid just shooting them all... right?"

"There may not have been," Dr. Ashling said. "It was out of your hands and you can't blame yourself for that. That is something you will have to understand. Do you ever have dreams about the fire?"

Tadashi shook his head. "Surprisingly not. I think it all happened too quickly for me to really comprehend."

"Very well," Dr. Ashling said. He then looked to (YN). "And what about you?"

"And how do you feel about Janine's death?" Dr. Ashling asked.

(YN) groaned in frustration. "I dunno. Pissed off? Confused? Like my choices have absolutely zero effect on the happenings in my world?"

Dr. Ashling frowned. "Do you blame yourself for it at all?"

"No, but I'm starting to wonder if our choices are all just some sort of farce," (YN) admitted.

"And of your past? Do you ever dream about that?" Dr. Ashling asked.

"Sometimes," (YN) said. "Rarely, but sometimes."

"What part of your past do you experience in your dream?" Dr. Ashling asked. (YN) tensed up. "It is very important to discuss the issue at hand. It helps with the healing process to talk about it."

"The part where I get home and see a bunch of cop cars surrounding my house alongside crime scene tape and countless bullet holes in the walls and windows," (YN) answered. "Good enough for ya?"

Dr. Ashling rose a curious, arched brow at (YN). "Are you still experiencing suicidal feelings or tendencies?"

"What? No," (YN) answered. "Absolutely not. I'm actually really, really happy with the exception of the nightmares."

Something about him made (YN) not entirely trust Dr. Ashling. There was something off, but she couldn't quite figure out what it was. She shrugged it off as being paranoid after the events of the in between and decided to not touch on it quite yet, but was still weary.

Dr. Ashling then started writing up a prescription for them. "I'm going to recommend that you take some Prazosin. It's over the counter and usually helps those suffering from PTSD-induced nightmares such as yourselves." He handed one prescription to Tadashi and then wrote another one for (YN). "I just wanted to make sure before I prescribed you to anything. Keep seeing me at least once every week or two to make sure you're improving, depending on your need."

"Thanks," Tadashi said with a nod.

"We'll be in touch," (YN) said. She and Tadashi left the office hand in hand.

"There's something I wanna show you," Tadashi said as they walked to his motorbike. "Hiro texted me about it and I'm really excited."

(YN) smiled at him as she climbed on behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "And what's that?"

Tadashi just smirked. "You'll see!" He kissed her on the cheek before driving off to his amd his brother's lab.

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