Character's names and meanings

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Names meaning and personality (;) separates name.

 Cuthbert Academy

– School for bright, brilliant and famous.

Wesley Connolly Philbert

– Popular, good looking, make friends easily; Connolly means brave and wise; Philbert means Illustriously Brilliant

Hermione Kenna Malcolm

- Loving, affectionate, compassionate; Kenna means beautiful, in urban words it means incredibly clumsy; Malcolm define as powerful and influential, Royal Blood.

Craig Mackenzie 

- Rocky hill, in urban words it means sexy as hell; Wise, ruler and good looking.

Clifford Ebenezer

- Self-assurance, independent, and confident; Helpful and assistance.

Amber Orzora

–  Exceptionally attractive young woman , fantastic lover and fierce; God's strength, deep inner desire for order and physical creativity, and want to be involved in conventional, safe activities.

Dwayne Connor

 – Hyperactive, quick thinker, resourceful, dynamic, excitable and a seducer; Lover of Hounds. Strength and Leadership.

Chloe Maddox

– Amazing, talented, attractive but low self-esteem; Beneficent and Fortunate.

Prof. Blair Atwood (Forensic Science Expert, Science and Field Professor)

– Strong, creative, outshine; Forest Dweller.

Ms. Laura Montgomery (MCC Adviser, Homeroom Teacher)

 - Awesome in any way, traveler and adventurer; Leader and authority.

Other Cast:

Detective Efrain Philbert

 – Highly respected, depth and breadth of mind, great power and wealth; Illustriously Brilliant.

School Owner: Seymour Prodigious

 – Could do any job well, independent nature, ambitious, progressive with large-scale ideas; Remarkably or impressively great.

School Director/Dean: Rufus Grant

– Red hair;  Makes own decisions, and not be influenced by others, business minded.

Principal: Ms. Quinn Roswell

– Counsel, wise, intelligent, an intellect sharp as a knife; Dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom.

School Doctor: Dr. Vance Wilbur

- Humanitarian, broadminded and generous, affectionate and giver;  Public speaker, yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment.

School Nurse: Stacey Hugh

– Great influence on other, good looking, kind, selfless, and funny; Focus on achieving want they want, thinker and intelligent.

S/Insp. Garreth Donovan

– Gentle, modest, brave and strong; Strong fighter, orderly and dedicated, solid foundation of order and service. Value truth, justice and discipline.

Assistant Insp: Andrew Lennox

– Strong man, manly, brave and handsome; Nobleman.


Maxwell Maurice  (Math, Physics and Chemistry)

– Greatest and with powerful personality; Serve humanity, sharing knowledge and experience, creative and artistic ability.

Haley Nicholas (Humanities, Ethics, Values)

– Clever, serious minded, desire the security of a peaceful, settled home environment; Victory and people.

Magnus Gregory (Psychology, Human Behavior)

– Great, fighter, strong, creative and excellent; Watchful and alert.

Oswald Otis (Sports and recreational Activities)

– Intuitive, need details and orders, worrisome, insecure or restless; Wealthy.

Macey Hugh (Finesse Development)

 – Gracious and balanced; Focus on achieving want they want, thinker and intelligent.

Grace Hartley (History)

 – Elegance, lovely, beauty; Appreciative.

Ives Damian  (Social Studies)

 – Adventurous and traveler; Conqueror.

Isaac Hugo (English and Literature)

– Nice, charming and hilarious; Bright in mind and in spirit.

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