Names of the characters

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Setting: Cuthbert Academy

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller, Romance

Main Cast: Mystery Clue Collector Member (MCC)

Wesley Connolly Philbert

Hermione Kenna Malcolm

Craig Mackenzie

Clifford Ebenezer

Amber Orzora

Dwayne Connor

Chloe Maddox

Prof. Blair Atwood

Ms. Laura Montgomery

Other Cast:

Detective Efrain Philbert

School Owner: Seymour Prodigious

School Director/Dean: Rufus Grant

Principal: Ms. Quinn Roswell

School Doctor: Dr. Vance Wilbur

School Nurse: Stacey Hugh

S/Insp. Garreth Donovan

Assistant Insp: Andrew Lennox


Maxwell Maurice

Haley Nicholas

Magnus Gregory

Oswald Otis

Macey Hugh

Grace Hartley

Ives Damian

Isaac Hugo

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