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Looking down at the time displayed on my phone, it was only a matter of minutes before I could surly say my stupid brother Josh forgot he was supposed to pick me up from dance practice...again.

He is a first year college student and this week was his spring break. However, unlike most college students who would much rather make plans with their friends, my brother wanted to stay home and pig out the whole week. Our parents took his return as a chance to go on an Alaskan cruise, leaving me at his mercy.

"I'm picking you up after dance practice? Uh...yeah, okay." He said. "I won't forget." He said, while making a turkey sandwich and watching the football game on the TV from across the room.

When you ask favors, always remember to look the person in the eyes to make sure they are actually paying attention. Also take note that when a guy's attention is on food and sports, you are totally dead to him.

Josh's eyes were absorbed with the placement of his sliced pickles on the loaf of bread. If you had seen him, it was like he was tucking his beloved child to sleep, then eating it. He had licked his lips a couple times and that was my cue to leave before he'd make me clean after his mess.

When I dialed Josh's phone, it sent me straight to his voice mail, but I couldn't even leave a message because his mailbox was congested with unread messages. Relying on a good for nothing lazy brother like mine is like asking a baby to jump hurdles.


Sitting on the bench with my butt freezing cold, I decided I was capable of walking the few blocks home. I should have asked one of my classmates to drop me off, but I didn't want to be a nuisance and I hate having to owe people anything.

It's late March; the dark grey clouds meant that if I didn't get a move on soon the rain would soak me straight through my clothes. Considering I was only wearing leggings, converse and a thin hooded jacket, the weather was indubitably going to freeze me to death.

Picking up my duffel bag, which contained my dance gear, I walked forward plotting how I'm going to make Josh pay for this. Half way down the block, I hear a pair of feet following behind me. At first I thought it was Josh, so I turned around and glared.

"Hey, Scarlet!" Oh-no. That wasn't my brother.

Mace Braxton, a senior and the captain of my high school wrestling team was striding my way. Being a junior, I found it strange that he would be interested in me when he had girls in his own grade much better, prettier, than me.

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