twelve: it can't be

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All characters belong to J.K Rowling. Harry Potter does not belong to me. Shout out to Hotchocolate196 ! They are really supportive of this story ! Go check out her story Unexpected Love. It's really good ! Enjoy this chapter ! I will also start to bring Harry in more so two people want to be with Draco and two want to be with Ginny .

"Hey Draco ." Pansy said , running her hand down Draco's chest . He caught her hand before it could go any further . "I thought I said don't talk to me again . " he said , his lip curled in disgust . "Oh , you don't mean that .You'll come around to my way of thinking soon . Ginny Weasley doesn't deserve you . " She gave him a smile . "What are you talking about , you crazy b-" A bag came down on Draco's head , muffling his shouts . He pulled at the bag as he was loosing air and quickly . "Good job , Pans . Boss will be very happy with you . " a familiar voice said .
"Oh Collin , it's the least I can do . He did slap me after all . This is my revenge . " She giggled . Draco's vision went black and he went unconscious .
"Collin , what's going on ? " Harry Potter stepped out of the shadows , witnessing the whole thing . "Potter ." Pansy said . "Parkinson ." He nodded at her . " Do you approve of Ginny's relationship with Malfoy ?" Collin asked Harry . He scoffed . "Of course not! She rejected me for this scumbag !" Collin and Pansy looked at eachother and nodded . "Okay , here's the plan ."

In Draco's Room
Ginny looked down at her watch . Where is he ? She thought . Her and Draco had a date scheduled for 6 . It was now 7 . "What is he playing at ? " She sighed and made to leave when she heard an owl hoot . She turned around and saw a school owl with a letter tied to its leg , addressed to Ginny Weasley . She made her way over and read the letter and gasped.

Dear Ginerva ,
We have your little boyfriend . You don't deserve him . No , you don't . So we have decided we need to make him see sense and that you are just an ugly little girl who got lucky. Come to the Room of Requirement at 7:10 . Hurry . We have some people that love you and would love to ... hurt him . Tik tok , Ginerva . Your time starts now .

They have Draco ! Ginny thought . She looked at the clock and saw it was 7:08 and quickly left the run and broke into a run to reach the Room of Requirement . She stopped infront of where the room was supposed to be . I need to save Draco . I need to save Draco . Open up . The doors began to appear and she went inside . She quickly surveyed the room . Inside were 6 people. Pansy Parkinson , Collin Creevey (That creep !) Harry Potter (How could he !) Draco , bound and gagged , on his knees trying to get out of both Harry's and Collin's grip and a figure wearing a hood . Their figure was one of a girl's . "Well , well , well , look who decided to join us ." A familiar , British accent spoke . Ginny couldn't quite place her finger on who it was until ...It can't be ...
"Why so shocked , Gin ? You thought I would let you take my man away from me and not do anything ?" She threw her head back and laughed . Her hood slipped off and Ginny's worst fear was confirmed . Ginny began to speak ...

Ooooh ! Cliffhanger ! Sorry , I just had to ! Comment if you would like a shout out and comment who you think it is that is behind all this . I think it is quite obvious since I have dropped little hints since the beginning of the story . Do you enjoy it ? I want to update more soon because I have been updating quite late . Sorry , please forgive me ! See you next time . Toodles !

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