Chapter 35 Cringe

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Chapter 35

***Abby's POV***

"Do you want the purple or the pink bikini?" Nadine asked, holding them up.

"Both," I said,"And grab the plaid one over there, too."

She tossed them into my bulging suitcase. I grabbed my sparkly green tutu off of its hanger and stuck my tongue out at Nadine, who was giving me a strange look.

"Never know where you're gonna need a tutu," I said.

Nadine just shook her head, "Are we done now?"

"Hold on," I grabbed my sparkly silver stilettos and dropped them in the bag, "Yup!"

"Okay, now all we have to do is close it...," Nadine said, looking warily at the overstuffed bag.


"FINALLY!" I exclaimed, zipping up my suitcase the last couple inches.

"You packed WAY too much!" Nadine said,

I shrugged, "I know."

"Let's get this thing downstairs," She said,

We both took it and pulled it out onto the hall.

"There are the times when I appreciate having an elevator," I said, pressing the button.

"Yeah...I don't think your parents would appreciate it if we threw it down the stairs..."

"It would probably hit Luke.."

We giggled at the image of an overstuffed suitcase flying down the stairs into my brother.

I'm a good sister.


I'm gonna miss you so much!" Nadine said, hugging me.

"I'll miss you, too!" I said, getting in the car. I waved as we pulled away.

"Mommy, how come Abby gets to go to Hawaii and I don't?" Luke whined.

"Because she was invited, hon," She replied.

"I WANNA GO TO HAWAII!" He screamed.

"Oh- uh- I'm sorry-"


"Well, um, Abigal, could you take Lukie with you?"

"No!" I exclaimed, horrified that she would even ask that.

"But don't you love your brother and want him to be happy?"

"Yeah," Luke sneered,"You want me to be happy, don't you?"

I sighed. I went through this all the time. "I mean, it's too late to make reservations."

Luke's lower lip trembled. Dang, he's good. "But..But.."

"Oh, Lukie, don't cry!" My mom exclaimed.

"Can I..Can I have a-a-a-"

"What do you want baby?"

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