Chapter 10 - There's REALLY Something About Heather

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It's Friday evening, the last day of our first week at camp. I'm sitting at dinner next to Ashley, with the rest of the guys and her friends are here, as well. Gabriel and I have come to an awkward truce. We work together during the day, and some evenings, but we don't speak outside of that.

When we exchange conversation in group situations, it's short. Our cabin is so quiet when it's just us there, that you could hear a pin drop. I hate that I like working with him so much. When we're working on the song, we talk almost constantly, way more than Harrison and Hayden.

We bounce ideas back and forth and I secretly love it, but I'd never tell him that. I still don't want him in my band.

"What are you thinking about?" Ashley asks me.

"You," I lie, and she blushes. I smirk at her, "You're cute when you're embarrassed."

I've finished eating, so I take her hand and link my fingers with hers under the table next to us. I'm stroking her skin and it's soft and smooth. She looks at me and smiles, it lights up her pretty face.

"Are you looking forward to the bonfire?" Ashley asks me.

I guess I am, but I'm already thinking about sneaking away from it with Ashley to make out. We've had the best make-out sessions this week. She even let me feel her tits, yesterday. It was so good.

"Yeah, it should be fun...for however long we stay." I let my eyes drop to her soft lips to make it clear that I really want to kiss her and she turns pink again.

"Not playing on staying all night, Seb?" Harrison asks from across the table with a grin on his face.

I hadn't even realized that he was listening to our conversation, but I grin back at him.

"Nah, well, maybe. We'll see, I guess." I shrug my shoulders, casually, and raise an eyebrow at him. "Was there one last year? Is it worth staying for the whole thing?"

"Yeah, there's always a bonfire the first Friday. We had a sing-a-long, it was great."

"Okay, that does sound awesome." I smile.

After we've finished eating, we all leave the food hall together. I'm walking down toward the lake while holding Ashley's hand. The camp instructors have already started the bonfire, there are massive logs around it, about twenty yards from the fire and I sit down on one of them. Even this far from the fire, the heat is powerful.

Ashley sits next to me and I smile at her, she's so cute. We sit and talk for about twenty minutes before somebody asks if we want to do a sing-a-long.

"I can get my guitar if you want," Harrison offers.

"That would be great, Harrison," one of the camp instructors tells him.

He gets up from where he was sitting next to Samantha and Hayden, then turns to leave.

"Hey, wait up!" I call out, after quickly kissing Ashley's cheek. "I'll come with you."

"Cool." Harrison smiles as I catch up to him and we start walking toward the cabins.

As soon as we're far enough away from the bonfire that nobody can hear our conversation, I ask, "Do you think Hayden will join our band?"

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