How We Deal With Catergoization

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What's an achievement worth noting? Is your achievement of killing ten things in your game amazing when your cousin just hit 100? Why would they make an achievement of 10 kills when you really want 100? A question not commonly asked, but should be more. Think about it, why do they make all those little things to make you happy in between? The answers simple and steams into many things, false sense of pride or achievement.

New high score just pops up on your screen, yes finally! Wait, your friend just texts you, they just bet that by 58! Owe what a bragger let's put them in there place! Why did this person do that? For a second they were so happy about that score and then they just forgot it. People fall into two categories when it comes to achievement: All in's and Ladder Steppers.

A Ladder Steppers is someone who takes everything one step at a time. They start with a basic achievement and work up from there. These people are usually calmer and are problem solvers. They listen to the tutorials and learn from them. They prefer to take there time and observe others.

An All Inner is someone who could careless and just does it. They prefer to learn all of it themselves because that's what life's for right? Making mistakes and learning from it. They often don't take advice easily and are stubborn. They aim high and take nothing less. They often stress easily due to high standards.

Depending on which of these you relate to the most determines how you take achievement. Ladder Steppers pay attention to the achievement and use it to build up to higher ones. All Inners skip the smaller ones and aim high. Both play a role in society. If you want to call them by a more proper name then you can call Ladders Introverts and All In's Extroverts.

If you believe that you are a balance between them your an Ambivert. A true Ambivert is rare because people usually fall on one end of the spectrum at heart. You usually have one go to thing in your mind. You either want to work it out quietly or want to talk it out. People don't often think of the middle. Peoples 'vert says how they deal with a problem and how they deal with achievement.

The dictionary won't tell you specifically how your 'vert (btw 'vert is an abbreviation I made up for if your Introverted or etc) deals with certain things, but these things can be observed. Think about it, you probably know someone a lot like you. You act alike, and think alike. Do you often solve things similarly and react to things similarly?

Your 'vert defines a lot about you. Your 'vert is a phenomenon that defines a group of people. Politicians are loud and can argue. They're Extroverted. A inventor who can sit in a quite lab for hours and focus on one thing is very talented also. They're Introverted. A person who sits all day focusing on one thing, but that thing speaks or makes in impact on the world, they're Ambiverted. We need all of them to have our society run. We can be defined into categories like a modern day Divergent, but we can't be put together in a puzzle and excepted to think the same way like a modern day Maze Runner. We may be categorized in general, but you are still different in your way of thinking.

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